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    Talking to your Doctor about a Medical Marijuana Recommendation

    By: OhioPatientsNetwork.org

    The passage of HB523, Ohio’s medical Marijuana law, specifies that there is a bona fide relationship between the doctor and patient.  This was added to prevent California style docs writing medical marijuana recommendations just for money.  If you are interested and your medical condition is suitable, OPN strongly suggests you do the following:


    • Gather up and organize all your medical records, including your current medications.
    • Keep a master copy of your medical records, and always get a copy of any paperwork you sign.
    • Gather credible information about your condition and the use of cannabis (AKA marijuana).
    • Establish or have an ongoing relationship with a local doctor.
    • Provide them with your records (if a new doctor).
    • Leave your fear at home, your talk with your doctor is private.
    • Be open and honest in your discussion.
    • Discuss the benefits that cannabis has for your condition.
    • Consider including your current methods of use (inhalation, sublingual, topical, ingestion etc.).
    • Then bring up asking for a medical marijuana recommendation. 


    Note: "shopping" for a doctor to obtain a medical marijuana recommendation will not be like what you may have heard about California.  Don't expect to see advertisements for Medical Marijuana docs.

    The OhioPatientsNetwork.org has a number of condition pamphlets and information on their website. As an example, here is a link to their chronic pain pdf found on their website: Condition Pamphlet Menu

    Finally, do not wait for the law to become effective, start now.

    Keep us informed & best wishes for your health,

    Robert Ryan
    Executive Director
    Ohio Patient Network




    Find a Medical Marijuana Approved Doctor In Ohio Today!

    As the Ohio Medical Marijuana Commission creates the laws & guidelines for Ohio physicians to follow, we will update this section with Doctors who approve of and prescribe medical cannabis




    • Doctors will be required to complete at least two hours of training on diagnosing and treating conditions with marijuana.
    • Physicians who are certified by the Ohio State Medical Association must first obtain a certificate from the Medical Board before issuing recommendation for treatment to their patients.
    • Physicians may be disqualified for certification if they have a financial stake in growing marijuana, have lost their license to practice medicine or have been convicted of certain crimes.

    The Physicians of Ohio Finally Have Some Direction

    A physician is not permitted to issue a state of Ohio approved written recommendation to use medical marijuana until the physician has obtained a certificate to recommend from the State Medical Board of Ohio. Per House Bill 523, the rules outlining the standards and process needed to obtain such a certificate to recommend will be developed no later than September 8, 2017.

    As a way to protect patients and parents or guardians of minor patients who seek to use marijuana prior to the creation and implementation of all the administrative rules necessary to run the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program, HB 523 created an affirmative defense for certain marijuana-related crimes. According to the law, a patient, parent, or guardian can only raise an affirmative defense if they have, among other requirements, received a written recommendation from his or her doctor that certifies a certain number of criteria are met. The Board recommends that physicians consult with their private legal counsel and/or employer for interpretation of the legislation.


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    You can become a Medical Marijuana approved Doctor & Nurse by getting your CME/CNE here:


    Global Medical Cannabis Education Starts Here!