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Using The Hypur App At Ohio Dispensaries For Cashless Transactions: Setup

So everyone is well aware of the large sums of cash being floated all around the legal cannabis industry.  Well patients have to deal with this on a micro level just as much as dispensaries do on a macro level.

Not everyone carries cash on them and who likes paying those extra atm fees when it’s not your bank?

In comes Hypur, a cashless payment app available for use in most Ohio dispensaries.

The app is available for both iOS & Android:

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The app works by linking directly to your bank account through what’s known as ACH, an electronic payment method through the Automated Clearing House.  But don’t worry, your purchases through the app will be discrete and not flag your bank account for any reason.

It’s free, simple & secure.  

Download the app today and start making your dispensary purchases that much easier and stress free!



Step 1: 

Once you download the app, you’ll first need to enter your email address twice, click “Next” and you’ll then have to input your basic information of Name, Address, Date of Birth, Social Security Number & Mobile Phone.

Then you’ll be required to create a 4 digit PIN & also a very secure password:

Step 2:

After adding in all of your basic info, the next step will be to link your bank account.  This step is about as easy as it gets, all you have to do is tap the logo of your bank from the list and it will pull up a login screen for your bank account. 

Step 3:

The final step will be to verify it’s you by receiving a confirmation text or email you’ll be required to add into the app to finish the setup.  Once you enter the code the net screen will be your list of available bank accounts.  Simply choose the account you’d like to link, and viola!  You are not fully setup with the Hypur app and can begin using it in Ohio Dispensaries!

Step 4:

That’s it!  Now you’re all setup and will just need to accept Hypur’s Terms & Conditions and you will be able to pull up a list of Ohio Dispensaries that allow you to use the Hypur app to make purchases.

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