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Bill O’Neill has led a life of service which defines the term “variety”. He is a Registered Nurse and worked in the Pediatric Emergency Department of the Cleveland Clinic; a Retired Lieutenant Colonel, with a Bronze Star from Vietnam; a Union organizer, television reporter, small business owner, Assistant Attorney General, Court of Appeals Judge, and most recently an Associate Justice on the Ohio Supreme Court.

Bill is a product of Christ the King elementary school in East Cleveland, Cleveland Heights High School and Ohio University.  At age 30 he attended Cleveland Marshall College of Law on the GI Bill and was admitted to the bar in 1980.  At age 50 Bill went to Nursing School at Huron Road School of Nursing and earned his RN license in 2002.

Bill and his late wife Shaylah created and managed O’Neill’s Landing at Geneva On The Lake in the 80’s while she was an artist in Cleveland and he represented the Ohio Civil Rights Commission as an Assistant Attorney General.  He was elected to the five-county 11th District Court of Appeals in 1996 and re-elected in 2002.  In 2012 he ran a highly unconventional campaign for the Supreme Court of Ohio, pledging to take “no money from nobody”.  He defeated a Republican opponent who he still describes as “a nice guy” and became the first Democrat elected to the Supreme Court of Ohio in 30 years.

Mrs. O’Neill died in a car accident in 1995 and Bill finished raising their three children alone and adopted a fourth in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.  He is an usher and religious teacher at St. Joan of Arc; an officer in VFW Post 12067, and a former boys baseball, girls’ softball and girls’ basketball coach.  His oldest son, Shawn is an Iraq veteran and an engineering student at St. Petersburg college,  and his twin sister Katie graduated from Ohio University and is now at Vermont Law School.  Daughter Tiffany also graduated from Ohio University and is a commercial photographer in Solon.  Bill’s son Brandon attended The Ohio State University, Kent State University, and owns O’Neill Trucking, a steel coil trucking company  in Cleveland.


Bill’s Plan on Cannabis

Cannabis should be legal in Ohio. It has many non-addictive medicinal qualities; reduces the dependence on opioids and alcohol; and is a proven job, tax and income producer.

The growing, production, use and sale of marijuana by adults should be taxed and regulated in the same way we tax and regulate tobacco and alcohol.

The O’Neill Plan is to create an Ohio Department of Marijuana Control.  If you grow it in your backyard for personal use, that is not a state issue. If you grow it for sale, the state will regulate it for safety and tax it for income.

The Colorado and Washington state experiences demonstrate that in Ohio the taxing of marijuana will provide $500-million in revenue and dramatically reduce law enforcement and prison costs.  That money could readily be utilized to combat the opioid crisis that is currently killing 4,000 people a year in Ohio.



A full 9% of our state prison population, or roughly 4,700 people, are a non-violent offender convicted of the possession or sale of marijuana.  We spend $100-million a year to keep them in for-profit prisons.  That is an outrage.

Study after study has shown that marijuana is dramatically less dangerous than tobacco or alcohol. The State of Ohio regulates and taxes tobacco and alcohol, yet we imprison marijuana offenders.  That makes no sense at all.

In addition, a majority of these non-violent offenders reside in for-profit prisons, which charge the state in excess of $15,000 per prisoner per year for their incarceration.

We need to release all non-violent marijuana prisoners and direct that $100-Million towards building a world class hospital network.  We need less prisons and more hospitals.

It is morally indefensible for one citizen to imprison another citizen for a profit.  It is time to release all non-violent marijuana prisoners and end the practice of running prisons for a profit.

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