Ohio Supreme Court: Lawyers can’t help new medical marijuana industry

 cannabis-bar-association-lawyer-law.jpgAlthough cannabis is now legal in Ohio for medicinal use, a panel for the state’s Supreme Court said recently that lawyers are not permitted to provide legal services for those groups and individuals interested in getting into the business of medical marijuana because cultivation, sale and use of herb still remains illegal in the eyes of the federal government.
According to a ruling handed down last week by the Ohio Supreme Court’s Board of Professional Conduct, attorneys are not only prohibited from lending legal aid to those people working to establish a legitimate cannabis operation, but these professionals are also forbade from using medical marijuana even if their doctor provides them with a recommendation.

The board’s advisory opinion indicates that, “a lawyer may not advise a client to engage in conduct that violates federal law, or assist in such conduct, even if the conduct is authorized by state law.”

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