Ohio Medical Marijuana won’t have distribution system for 18-24 months

 packaging.jpgPatients with qualifying medical conditions or their caregivers must register with the state and receive a patient identification card to be eligible to use marijuana under the Ohio law.
An interesting point about the law is that it doesn’t allow smoking of marijuana, Russo noted. It allows the use of marijuana in the form of oils, edibles, tinctures or vapor.

Although the law is scheduled to take effect in September, “there isn’t going to be a medical marijuana industry in Ohio for at least a year or two,” Griffith said.

The law gives the state department of commerce and the board of pharmacy a year to establish standards and procedures for the Medical Marijuana Control Program, Griffith explained. Marijuana can’t be sold until certain processes for regulating—as well as the regulating body—are created, so it may be a year or longer before the program is up and running.

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