Ohio Cannabis Institute 420 Ag Report - Episode 24

By OhioCannabis, 08/11/2017

Paul discusses the latest prices around the country . Contact Paul at: contact@ohiocannabisinstitute.org.


Hi guys, I signed up awhile ago but I've been to sick. In 1999 I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis and 2000 diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  On March 7-8 of this year, I had surgeries 5-6. They left the 2 cysts on my spinal cord. I had a fusion from S1-T10 and an A-Lift at L5. I have another one I had to postpone until January that involves my fused C2-C7.  When the cysts developed all hell broke loose the worse symptoms starting 11 months ago. Pain levels were above 10+ not being able to move a finger without my whole body going into instant pain. I was still able to find information on how Robin Williams died and had my plans. I remember some white rhino I had and figured I should give it a try considering. It was like opening up a can of soda and hearing the effervescence. When I smoked and closed my eyes I could feel my pain dissipate and leave my body one pop at a time. The 60mg. of morphine I was taking every 8 hrs. I stopped. Then it was time to work on the Fentanyl. I was also on 100mcg. patches every 48 hrs. Well I've gotten myself down to 75 mcg. 3 months ago. So slowly but surely I'm getting my senses back but it's been hard. Being in Columbus, I don't have access. A caregiver I had liked taking more than giving which left me in a bad position to this day. I found Toledo which helps but it takes me a 7 hrs trip ea. time and I can't get back to easily. I found someone in Michigan how I've never met but had offered to help me but it's hard to send $350 to someone you've never met or never will meet. You just wonder if it will work and are afraid to lose the money. So I sit here waiting for my next episode hoping it never comes. Now I spend my time as an advocate and push to get help for the Vets and myself. I don't know where you all are at but I'm going to try and get back up to Toledo by Sept.. There's a whole lot more to this story but I get tired and then pissed with no meds., sorry. It's amazing what MMJ does to the nerves in my body and how I can feel them running from my head down to my feet. "Nothing that eliminates pain with no side affects and is non-addictive should be on schedule 1". The harm that this law does is devastating compared to the good. How many more people have to die needlessly?

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Hello & thank you for the support and sharing your story!  This is the kind of story we like to hear about, the patient having noticeably dramatic effects when utilizing cannabis for their medical needs.

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