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How does an Ohio resident obtain permission for medicinal use of cannabis?

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Right now there is no official Ohio backed license program or option. 

The only thing some Ohio residents have been doing is using the Ohio Patients Network Medical Marijuana Recommendation form.

You can find more about it at this link:

Some have also found an organization and a MMJ friendly doctor out of the Toledo area that is certifying and making MMJ recommendations to Ohio patients and issuing them a 3rd party license that can be use for some out of state dispensaries, mostly in Michigan. 

NOTE: This license is not backed NOR approved by the official Ohio State Medical Marijuana Program.

But it does seem to work and allow access to medicine a patient needs NOW instead of having to wait an additional 13 months (as of this post) before they have true legal access in their home state of Ohio.

This is a bit of a grey area, and we do not endorse it, but it is a fact of reality of the Ohio Medical Marijuana Program.

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