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Found 50 results

  1. Make Your Voice Heard Regarding Ohio Medical Marijuana House Bill 523! We at stand STRONGLY with our new partner - The Ohio Cannabis Institute and have formed a NEW voice for all Ohioans to help make change happen NOW! Visit to have your voice heard & PLEASE share this video and message with everyone you know to help get this movement off the ground!
  2. Affirmative Defense Has Been Successfully Used After A Full On Raid There was a full on raid done by an Ohio city against a man for a small amount of concentrate. He was successfully able to use Affirmative Defense and received his medicine back, but also an apology and perhaps retribution for any damages done during the raid. The patient used the Ohio Patients Network form to correctly document his medical marijuana conditions after seeing an Ohio medical marijuana friendly doctor. This story is just developing and we will get more info up here to this blog entry ASAP - so stay tuned! UPDATE 3/29/17 - Last week an Ohio patient successfully used an O.P.N. (Ohio Patient's Network) recommendation form. Unfortunately, it was not done with ease. To clarify before more speculations arise on social media, we are not suggesting this will work in every case scenario. We are simply giving the general public a story of success. Also, all parties involved will NOT be published, due to HIPPA compliance law. The patient flew home to Ohio from Colorado last Thursday, it is not clear why the TSA alerted the local task force; however they were able to obtain a search warrant by 6 a.m. Friday. The patients home was then raided, but authorities only discovered 5 grams of concentrate. The patient's attorney arrived to explain that his client was within the bounds of Ohio law, as said patient has a qualifying condition and a doctors recommendation using the Ohio Patients Network Form that we have listed below. The medication was then given back with an apology, along with immunity from further prosecution, related to this case. If any or more info arises, we will continue to update this blog entry.
  3. The MMCP and the Department of Commerce have released the application, forms, and instructions for private companies to apply for a license to conduct laboratory testing of medical marijuana and medical marijuana products. Click here to view the full set of application documents.
  4. Hocking College Offering To Serve As Medical Cannabis Testing Site For The State Of Ohio! Nelsonville, Ohio September 5, 2017 - Hocking College is announcing its intention to fulfill Ohio law as the research facility for the State of Ohio's Medical Cannabis testing laboratory. "The decision to lead this medical cannabis lab effort was not based on the merits or lack of merits regarding cannabis," stated Dr. Betty Young, President of Hocking College. "The state legislators made a decision on the subject. Our goal is to partner with the State of Ohio to fulfill the legislative mandate contained in HB 523 that specifically requires an Institute of Higher Education serve as the lab testing site." "In addition to the legislative mandate, Hocking College's role will be to ensure public safety by providing the necessary lab services that will assure access to safe medical product to the citizens of Ohio," said Young, "The research and academic potential of serving as the lab testing site will support the kind of hands on, high tech training that is the hallmark of Hocking College." Hocking College is currently developing comprehensive laboratory science curriculum that will include tracks in medical laboratory technician, forensics and chemical laboratory science. The College is working with Dr. Jonathan Cachat of CCV Research to develop the laboratory science curricula, undergraduate research, and serve as the director of the testing lab. Hocking College will create an endowment to provide the funds for laboratory equipment, renovation and initial operations. The lab will provide more than a dozen new jobs for the local community. ABOUT CCV RESEARCH CCV Research is an innovative development & management group specializing in the cannabis industry with expertise in the entire cannabis supply chain, and regarding state and local regulation creation and deployment. Founded by Dr. Jonathan Cachat, recognized as one of the brightest mind in the cannabis industry, the CCV Research Team bring investment, merger / acquisition, business processes for compliance including ISO 9000 and ISO 17025, and business startup expertise. Media Contact John M. Cachat 440-941-2721 CCV Research Press Release
  5. CCV Research Press Release Ohio College moving forward with plans to operate a medical cannabis test lab Internal planning moving fast with Press Conference scheduled for Sept 5th. Cleveland, Ohio Aug 15, 2017 CCV Research provided an update today regarding its efforts to help assist an Ohio Public Institute of Higher Education to successfully obtain a certificate of operation for the Ohio Department of Commerce to operate a medical cannabis test lab. CCV met with the college executive team last week to review the current challenges and opportunities to support this state mandated testing and the workforce development effort needed to protect public safety. “It was important that we advise the executive team that lab licensure is not a mechanism for a private company to partner with the college to beat out other companies,” stated Dr. Jonathan Cachat, President and CEO of CCV Research. “In turn, the executive team disclosed a vision for a long-term plan to develop a robust lab technician program across multiple disciplines. They indicated that the cannabis test lab is just a part of the overall workforce development program. “ Last week, CCV Research announced a completed letter of intent with the Ohio institution in part to ease concerns of Ohio patients, cannabis businesses and state regulators that no eligible colleges were willing to participate. The concern is that this critical step in the supply chain would not be met and the entire program would experience delay. State regulators have addressed this trepidation by suggesting that the law (HB 523) and/or testing lab regulations could be changed before launch to allow privately-owned companies to apply. However, CCV Research and other industry experts have been passionately advocating for institutes of higher education to participate in legal cannabis analytics & research for years. As reported by Jimi Devine of Cannabis Now, “While a surprise inclusion for some, public universities taking part in state cannabis programs made perfect sense to long time UC Berkeley cannabis researcher Dr. Amanda Reiman, who currently serves on the board of the International Cannabis Growers Association. “I think that the involvement of universities in the testing of cannabis for state programs makes total sense,” Reiman said. “Universities and colleges are often on the forefront of research and public discourse. Federal funding used to be a huge barrier for these institutions wanting to get involved in this way. But, more and more, state medical cannabis laws are including these institutions as a vital part of their program. I think this is a move in the right direction.” “For all the flack state regulators have been getting during the rule making process, Ohio did get this right,” Dr. Cachat explained. “By placing the analytic testing in the hands of public institutes, Ohio has opened the door for significant life-saving medical breakthroughs, deeply needed workforce development opportunities and eliminated the risks of lab-shopping.” Apparently, ‘lab shopping’ is a substantial problem in mature legal cannabis markets with privately-owned labs wherein cultivators or producers will select the lab that tests their products based on a pre-determined, desired result. Want to boost up your flowers THC levels, go to Lab X – they always over estimate; afraid that you have a minor powdery mildew problem, get tested at Lab Y who never fails anyone for fungal diseases. “There is still concern about loss of federal funding. However, as a public Ohio college, we feel empowered to support the state and Ohio patients with quality and safety assurance, and obligated to provide education and workforce development opportunities,” stated an unnamed college representative. “We are waiting until Sept 5 to formally announce our involvement, to assure support from our community and develop an application that has a high probability of success. We are also aware of a potential capacity problems and are reviewing ways to increase testing capacity by means of satellite lab facilities located across the state in cooperation with other Ohio public institutes of higher education allowed by the law.” Any members of the press that would like to be invited to the Sept 5 Press Conference are to send a request to the media contact below. ABOUT CCV RESEARCH CCV Research is an innovative development & management group specializing in the cannabis industry with expertise in the entire cannabis supply chain, and regarding state and local regulation creation and deployment. Founded by Dr. Jonathan Cachat, recognized as one of the brightest mind in the cannabis industry, the CCV Research Team bring investment, merger / acquisition, business processes for compliance including ISO 9000 and ISO 17025, and business startup expertise. Media Contact John M. Cachat 440-941-2721
  6. Join us for a FREE event August 24th, in Columbus! Healing with CBD & Medical Marijuana Hosted by the Ohio Cannabis Institute! 10:00 am - 12:30 pm 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm Crown Plaza Dublin 600 Metro Place North Dublin, Ohio 43017 Medical Marijuana has come to Ohio. What do you know about it? Join fellow Doctors and Clinical Professionals as we discuss the latest in medical healing breakthroughs. What is happening in the cannabis space is being noticed by almost everyone. Everywhere we look in the media, there is curiosity about the value of cannabis....especially CBD, the most powerful healing component of the marijuana plant free of the psychotropic Tetrohydrocannabinol component that gets one high. This seminar will be sharing the value of CBD and also the incredible financial tsunami that is unfolding everywhere right before our eyes. The clues are everywhere we look if we are aware of what's happening in the area of the benefits of this plant and the economic potential for us all to profit in this space. "We would like to invite you to this limited seating event." - Sir Alan Mooney as seen on HBO Vice, Time Magazine, Aljazeera, and around the world on medical marijuana news. Come and listen to our lineup of world renown speakers and learn how you can participate in this space for far less than the millions that investors are spending currently.
  7. Amid excitement, confusion and now delay, the Ohio Medical Marijuana Program, Ohio HB 523, has possibly been pushed back beyond it's supposed "legal" start date of September 2018. Last week, the Ohio Dept. of Commerce released a new deadline for cultivation licenses to be announced - now they say "by November 2017". According to both Justin Hunt, the COO of the Ohio Medical Marijuana Program and Kerry Francis, the spokeswoman for the Commerce Department, said the department received 185 applications that were 200 pages long. They mentioned this number of applications flooded the department staff and they never gave a firm date of when they would be awarded. Based on other states approval process across the US, many had originally thought it was only going to take 90 days and should have been awarded in September of 2017. Now doubts arise if construction and facilities can even be built and operational by that date with a shortened window of approval, leaving only 9 short months. Some cultivating businesses may have to start from the ground up, building a physical facility, acquiring local zoning permits and passing inspections, before they can even begin growing pot. Others have an easier path by utilizing existing facilities. Tom Haren, a Westlake attorney who advised cultivator applicants, said applicants building multi-million dollar indoor growing facilities on vacant land won't likely get much accomplished during Ohio's winter months, he also mentioned that no one is going to start building without a license in hand. "These large-scale cultivation entities are sophisticated operations," Haren said. "There are a lot of moving parts and they're very expensive." After the plant is harvested, it will have to be tested at a state testing lab or sent to a processor to be turned into an oil or other product and then tested before it can be sold. Ohio law limits testing to public institutions of higher education for the first year. Hunt did say that if no schools step up that they will move forward with private labs to keep the program on track & operational by September 2018. As of this writing, Dr. Jonathan Cachat of CCV Research has come to an agreement with an Ohio school to commence lab testing. The name of the school has not been released at this time. The commerce department is currently reviewing cultivator applications through a panel of state employees in and outside of the department, a department spokeswoman said. Hunt declined Thursday to give details about the scoring panel. The department has also contracted with three consulting firms to advise on specific parts of the applications: Meade & Wing of Arizona, iCann Consulting of Ohio and B&B Grow Solutions of Illinois. The Commerce Department did say they could also award them any time before November, so it may come as a surprise to many when they are in fact awarded & announced prior to the new deadline.
  8. Ohio College commits to participation in Cannabis Test Laboratory Eliminates the need for any changes to the Ohio Medical Marijuana legal framework Cleveland, Ohio Aug 4, 2017 - CCV Research announced today that it has received a letter of intent from an Ohio public institution of higher education and received confirmation from the Governor’s office that the college qualifies for operating a medical cannabis testing laboratory. At this time, the college name is not being disclosed. In September 2016, the Ohio legislature passed HB523 created a legal framework for the medical cannabis industry and safe access for Ohioans who stand to benefit from therapeutic use. The Testing laboratories serve as the critical component of the cannabis supply chain, ensuring safety & quality control by testing cannabis products before they are sold to patients. “We had a difficult time even finding qualified colleges willing to engage in the conversation” stated Dr. Jonathan Cachat, PhD, CEO of CCV Research. “However, we found a unique, entrepreneurial team that recognized the opportunity to provide education with hands on lab experience, create local jobs, and support a functioning medical cannabis system in Ohio.” Both advocacy groups and regulators have expressed concern over Ohio’s requirement for association with “public institutes of higher education” as most universities receive research money from federal sources. Rather than put this funding at risk, several colleges have opted out from participation in the state-sanctioned system. “The Ohio legislators did a great job in getting colleges involved to assure an unbiased and controlled approach to testing medical cannabis. Other unregulated states have seen “lab shopping” where cannabis product is being taken to whatever test lab gives the best results,” said Dr. Cachat. “We are very pleased to provide, the State of Ohio, a solution that eliminates the risk of delaying the Ohio Medical Marijuana Program launch by Sept 2018.” Dr. Cachat has a PhD in Neuroscience and Psychopharmacology from Tulane University, and started his undergraduate studies at Denison University in Granville, Ohio. He is the author of two books on how zebrafish offer an opportunity to perform steadfast scientific investigations in a robust and high-throughput manner for behavioral neuroscience research, specifically the impact of drugs on the human brain and body. This breakthrough research methodology provided drug discovery efforts with a more cost effective and efficient way to do investigational pharmacology research by replacing mammals with zebrafish. “Dr. Cachat’s research in the psychopharmacology space; along with years of experience managing a DEA-licensed laboratory, handling and investigating Controlled Substance Act Schedule 1-4 drugs, on a college campus, with student technicians, made the conversations a little easier. In addition, the CCV Research team has decades of experience, in starting and running labs, that can be accredited to the ISO 17025 General Requirements for The Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories standard, which is required by state law,” stated an unnamed source from the College. By the year 2020, assuming full legalization, lab testing revenues could approximate $550 million (based upon U.S. marijuana retail revenues forecast) Source. Investors are interested because Cannabis testing labs are highly scalable with opportunity for significant margin expansion and operating leverage can translate to attractive free cash flow yields with recurring revenue streams. “We are not surprised about the interest by investors,” stated Dr. Cachat, “as the business model is easier to explain when compared to other cannabis investment opportunities. A test lab is more like a manufacturing process which is very well understood by the investment community.” The CCV Ohio Cannabis Test Laboratory Project is fast paced, as it is critical for launch of the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program by Sep 2018; which is just over one year away. Ohio law requires the Ohio Department of Commerce to adopt testing laboratory rules by Sep 8, 2017, or a month from now. The medical testing application was released on July 26, 2017 and applications are due by Sep 22, 2017. “We want the lab to be operational well in advance of the Sep 2018 deadline so that we can work with cultivators and processors in advance of providing medicinal cannabis to patients,” explained Dr. Cachat. “Dr. Cachat is certainly one of the most knowledgeable neuroscientist on cannabis in the world. He was born in Avon, Ohio, and we are fortunate to have him bring his world class abilities on medical cannabis back to Ohio,” stated Sir Alan Mooney, from Mooney Financial in Worthington Ohio. Mooney Financial is participating with CCV Research in this exciting medical cannabis lab project. A press conference announcing the name of the college will be scheduled soon. ABOUT CCV RESEARCH CCV Research is an innovative development & management group specializing in the cannabis industry with expertise in the entire cannabis supply chain, and on state and local regulation creation and deployment. Founded by Dr. Jonathan Cachat, recognized as one of the brightest mind in the cannabis industry, the CCV Research Team bring investment, merger / acquisition, business processes for compliance including ISO 9000 and ISO 17025, and business startup expertise. Media Contact John M. Cachat 440-941-2721
  9. 185 total submissions for the 24 Ohio Medical Marijuana Cultivation Licenses Ohio has received a total of 185 applications for the 24 Tier I & Tier II licenses to grow cannabis under the Ohio State’s new Medical Marijuana Program. The Ohio Commerce Department has released the business names, contact names and desired licenses of the applicants, but not their proposed locations or any other details yet. This list doesn't include names of the principals or investors backing each proposal or locations where the applicants want to grow. The department has declined to release further application information at this time. Republican Gov. John Kasich signed a law more than a year ago in June of 2016, allowing medical marijuana to be prescribed under 20 certain conditions to patients suffering one or more of these qualifying medical conditions. The Ohio Department of Commerce released a list of 185 applicants for medical marijuana cultivator licenses for both Tier I & Tier II. The application deadline for Ohio’s 24 licenses was Friday, June 30th 2017. There were 109 submissions for the 12 "Tier I" Cultivation Licenses. Each license allows the facility to grow medical marijuana in up to, 25,000 square feet of space. The application fee for Tier I was $20,000 with the annual license fee being $180,000. The Ohio State Medical Marijuana Program also received 76 submissions for the 12 "Tier II" Cultivation Licenses that will also be awarded. Each Tier II License allows for up to, 3,000 square feet of growing space and Tier II application fee was $2,000 with an annual license fee of $18,000. It will also license 40 processors that will make marijuana oils, tinctures, patches and edible products allowed by law, 60 dispensaries and an unknown number of testing labs. Ohio will award cultivator licenses based on a 100 point system focusing on how their businesses plans will grow cannabis, staff and secure their facilities and comply with state regulations and also if they have any past industry experience. Three companies – ICann Consulting of Ohio, B&B Grow Solutions of Illinois and Meade & Wing of Arizona – will assist state MMJ regulators in scoring the applications, according to the Dispatch. Applications will be judged on criteria that include finances, operations and security. The estimated cost of opening a facility runs from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of millions. Yet that hasn’t deterred local business owners, minorities or investors from California to Pennsylvania from applying. Looking at the list there seems to be quite a few of investors from outside of Ohio, a major thorn in the side of Ohio's application process. Having some of the biggest backlash from the citizens of Ohio who demanded that being an Ohio resident was a requirement to obtaining an Ohio Medical Marijuana License. But sadly this seems to have fallen on deaf, Ohio legislator ears. With so much at stake, groups have scouted medical professors and hired seasoned consultants to boost their chances. Though many are keeping quiet right now as they did not want to jeopardize their applications. Ohio’s marijuana program stipulates that 15 percent of licenses must go to a minority-owned group — black, Hispanic, Asian or Native American. Legal experts have questioned whether the quota would stand in court, though no legal challenge has been filed to date. As soon as any more information is known we will update you as soon as possible. Once some of the licensee holders are announced, we will also get you some behind the scenes interviews and more with them! Stay tuned! Here is the link to view the PDF of the 185 submissions: Cultivator Application Information Release.pdf
  10. Final Ohio Medical Marijuana Cultivation Rules & Regulations For Licensing Released The cultivator rules for 24 grow sites have been finalized for Ohio's Medical Marijuana program: 12 Level 1 - 25,000 sq.ft. 12 Level 2 - 3,000 sq.ft. The Department of Commerce could be able to further expand the number of licenses or square footage for grows beginning in September 2018. Also included in the rules is an outline for application and license fees for Ohio Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, Processors and Testing Labs, passed the Ohio legislature’s Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review without objection on Monday. The rules will be officially filed by the end of April and are set to take effect before the May 6 statutory deadline. Rather than divide the state into four quadrants, as initially discussed, licenses will be awarded across the state to the best applicants through a point system and lottery. The license fees and financial requirements are among the highest of the country's 28 medical marijuana programs. The state will charge a $20,000 non-refundable application fee and $180,000 license fee for large grows, and a $2,000 application fee and an $18,000 license fee for small cultivators. The Commerce department will begin taking applications for grower licenses in June. Applicants must meet baseline financial criteria and have local approval for their proposed site, among other requirements. Rules and regulations for dispensaries, processors and laboratories are still being worked on but must be in place by Sept. 8. The Ohio Medical Marijuana program will be putting out a webinar in the next few weeks to help guide everyone through the process of filling out the application. We will continue to cover this as it happens. Other requirements for cultivators: A person or company cannot own or invest in more than one cultivator. Applicants must show local support for the plan and no bans or moratoriums can be in place. Demonstrate the facility will be secured by fencing, 24-hour surveillance and security alarms. Maintain an inventory of at least 20 pounds of medical marijuana for large growers and 10 pounds for small growers. How will applications be scored? Applications will be screened first to determine whether they are complete. A separate panel of reviewers will then score the applications based on criteria set by the rules. The applications reviewed in this stage won't include identifiable information.
  11. This article was written for us by the project: Those who are suffering from mesothelioma often feel as if they don’t have any hope. This aggressive form of cancer is a disease that spreads quite rapidly, can’t be diagnosed until it has settled into the body and is hard to treat. There is almost no chance of a remission or cure of this disease. In the modern era, many people are starting to seek treatment from alternative therapies in the hopes of getting better treatment and a relief from the unpleasant symptoms of cancer. One of the most popular alternatives for persons suffering from cancer and other painful and chronic disease is medical marijuana. The District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam and twenty-eight US states have decreed that "Mary Jane" is legal for medical purposes. Although the federal government still has not legalized cannabis, the statewide expansion of medical marijuana is looking very promising for cancer patients. "MJ" is a drug that is gleaned from a plant called cannabis. This plant originated in Asia, but is now grown all over the world. There is a resin in the plant that contains compounds called cannabinoids. These compounds are psychoactive, which means that they act on the central nervous system and can affect both the mood and consciousness. For decades, the cannabis plant has been in high demand for spiritual, medicinal and recreational purposes. In the United States, marijuana is still a schedule I controlled substance, which means that by federal law it is illegal for any type of use. As mentioned above, however, there are many states where the drug can be taken under strictly regulated circumstances. Currently, there are two prescription drugs that have been created based on the way that cannabinoids react in the body and are available to patients in states where cannabis for medicinal purposes is legal. One is Dronabinol, which is typically prescribed to persons in order to treat vomiting and nausea that results from chemotherapy. It is also given to AIDS and HIV patients to assist in the reversing of weight loss and improving appetite. The other drug is called Nabilone. It is used for similar ailments as Dronabinol, but is considerably stronger and is more of a last resort. A life with cancer is very stressful. Frequently, cancer patients suffer from emotional distress, depression, anxiety and sleep problems. Cannabinoids have been shown to be quite useful at reversing these problems. In animal studies, cannabinoids have been shown to have a solid anti-anxiety effect.
  12. Hey Canna Friendly Friends, It’s been awhile but I have not stopped grinding on the cause we all know and love, the legalization effort of that Mary Jane. Some big things have been happening that will be revealed throughout the summer so be sure to stay tuned. We hit our unofficial holiday this week and I hope everyone had a fantastic 4/20. On 4/21 I was still blazing at the Vortex show Still B?lazin with Akron Kent Norml and some ganja friendly artists that happened to play. I set up shop for Weed Be Better Off with Alliances new and favorite smoke shop Cali Cultures store owner Josh Joseph as musicians and Akronites piled into a smokey Vortex. The crowd was of the smaller scale and the stage was lit as artists like North Coast Shakedown and Tha Grimey Onez performed unique sets that everyone could dance to. Other than making a presence known and promoting Cali Cultures grand opening ( shameless plug: which will be on April 29th at 4pm in Alliance Ohio ), I was there to speak Akron Kent Norml leader, Jolie Townsend about the decrim movement that is setting up shop in Akron. When I asked her why we should decrim, she said, “Decriminalization at the local level is the first step to sensible marijuana reform. Here in Akron, we have decided to do a citizen's initiative to reduce all penalties for misdemeanor level offenses." She went on to tell me her main reasons why she thinks decrim is absolutely necessary for our community: Jolie’s reasons to decrim: Resources could be better used on other projects within the city Provide patients with the ability to legally grow, possess and use their own medicine Allows law enforcement to devote resources to more serious crime Stops making criminals out of marijuana users Saves the city $$$ According to Jolie, it costs 9× more to process a conviction for a misdemeanor offense than they receive in fines. Blacks are 4× more likely to be arrested is a national average and unfortunately in Akron, that jumps up to 8× more likely to be arrested. Obviously everyone reading this can see exactly why we need reform. Akron Kent Norml has an action meeting coming up for people that are interested in volunteering Wednesday April 26th, 2017. You can find more information about that on their Facebook event page here: I must admit, I was a little disappointed that there were not enough contestants for the 420 Beauty Pageant. Which brings me to my point that I would love to see some more female canna supporters participating in some 420 friendly events in the future. Overall, it was an okay event and I look forward to working with Akron Kent Norml more in the future. I’m very excited to see more canna themed events popping up throughout the Buckeye state and cannot wait for the show that will be occurring May 27th and 28th at the Columbus Convention Center. You can find out more information about this event by visiting: Until Next Time, Stay Pushing Tia Marie Trees About The Blogger: Tia Marie Trees is an Ohio native that shares a passion for writing, acting, and gardening. She is a mother and a friend and contributes pieces to several publications besides including and You can find her on FB at: or on IG at InfiniteMediaTia
  13. Hello again readers. It’s great to be writing to all of you again and I hope to hear more from my readers as the days go by. With all that lovey dovey stuff out of the way, we can talk business or rather “CannaBiz Bootcamp”. Over the weekend, I was able to get my bootcamp on with the Cannabiz Boot Camp Seminar that hit Cleveland, Ohio on October 1st & also in Columbus on Sunday October 2nd. The event was held at the Sheraton Hotel which was conveniently close to the Cleveland Hopkins airport. Training consisted of an “Industry Overview” presentation at a “theater style” audience of interested entrepreneurs and attendees. The presentation room was very intimate compared to most events I’ve attended and I really enjoyed the amount of individual attention guests were given during the training. In the back of the room, educational learning materials were on display for students which included books like, “Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana” and “The Little Black Book of Marijuana". Another table located in the back of the room displayed Cannabiz BootCamp Apparel. I arrived at the Sheraton a bit early with my founder John & my partner Amanda, where we were able to catch a few words with CannaBizBootCamp Founder, Kathy Mason. Kathy is a fiery Canna Veteran that comes out of Nevada. Planning on a visit to Nevada in the near future to see Deep Roots Harvest with Weed Be Better, I was pretty interested in hearing her take on the industry model out there. She stated how Nevada's model, in her opinion, is set up completely wrong and Ohio should look to the structure of the Colorado model if it want’s to make it’s mark in the industry without all the hang-ups that other states are facing from “not well thought out legislation”. After we parted ways with Kathy, we went back downstairs where guests were arriving and checking in at a registration table outside the event. The seminar began promptly at 9:28 am and went through 11:30am. Since it was such an intimate venue, there was an brief opportunity for guests to go around the room, state their first name, and give a little bit of why they were there. Two things seemed to be the motivation for almost all attendees coming to the bootcamp. These two things were that they wanted to obtain general knowledge to begin their career in the cannabis industry and to get information for a loved one that was currently suffering from some ailment that they thought cannabis could help. The speaker, then began her introduction of what got her involved in the cannabis industry and a little bit about her background. She grew up in Missouri, two blocks from Ferguson, and has lived in “Monsanto country” as she calls it, ever since. After being inspired to get involved in the industry after seeing the impact cannabis had on the life of a sick family member, Tracey linked up with the Cannabiz team at a conference out in Oakland, California. After a lot of independent education and training, she was hired on as an educator and now tours the country speaking about the benefits of cannabis and hemp and giving event attendees a brief bootcamp run down on the history of cannabis, laws and regulations at a federal and state level, and career opportunities that are available. Once everyone got acquainted with her as an educator, Tracey got down to bootcamp business and gave us the introductory facts about the industry. This included an explanation of reefer madness, an insight into the endocannabinoid system, and some mind boggling statistics about the plant, like its worth per acre compared to corn. There were several graphs and charts included that were sourced from Marijuana Business After a brief break option, Tracey began her second part of the presentation which covered the hemp plant, state and federal regulations, and a rundown of cannabis non-profit groups like Women Grow and Norml. We were lucky enough to have a Ohio Central Norml Chapter representative in the crowd named Brandon Bashak, who agreed to be interviewed by the team. Brandon stated, “Potential cannaBiz owners in Ohio should start thinking about how we are going to give back to the community. We have to remember, that cannabis business owners in Ohio will be under intense scrutiny from Law Enforcement, the Media, and Lawmakers, so we have to remember to always conduct ourselves in a responsible, compassionate manner to reflect the beauty of the nature of our business. I like to look at what Steve DeAngelo has done with his Harborside Health Clinic in Oakland. After visiting, I was in awe of how much a medical cannabis dispensary can really provide to a community. All registered patient/members of Harborside may attend any of the free classes and programs sponsored but not limited to Reiki, Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy, Chiropractic, Grow Classes, Herbalist Consultations, Yoga, Naturopathy, Substance abuse treatment... the list goes on and on. That is what I call comprehensive holistic treatment. Now some more ideas that I would like to be seen put into practice are, sponsored organic community food/botanical gardens, organized volunteer teams for trash pickup feeding people, and adult league sports teams(if bars can do it, why not cannabis collectives). There are so many different ways we can reach out and improve our community the list is endless. It all starts with treating each other compassionately, and doing what we love.” When asked what he would like to tell Ohioans to do to continue supporting the cause he said, “I encourage Ohioans to get out to as many Cannabis related events as possible so that we can continue to network with others that all have a common interest. It is important that everyone looking to participate in this up and coming industry learn and love and grow with each other, so that we can all be on the same page. I cannot stress enough how important it is to stay educated in an industry that changes legality multiple times per day throughout the nation. The more we know the better off we all are to be able to help one another. Whether it be rallying together to get a petition signed to grant more patients safer access, or to come together to help someone afflicted with illness, it takes a community. I am proud to have such a great family, that is the cannabis community. Please support your local NORML chapter.” Tracey concluded her presentation by giving a deeper look into the opportunities available along with her “Jacket Flipper Philosophy”. As Retail, Cultivation, Ancillary, and Manufacturing businesses will touch every part of the Ohio economy, we will see a great growth in jobs as well as an economic boost for everyone. This is where the “Jacket Flipping” will come into play, as interested individuals who are already doing things like IT and Culinary, will pivot their skill set over into a new and emerging market. Almost everyone has experience in doing something, and they now have the opportunity to transfer that experience into helping the cannabis and hemp industry grow and prosper along with the means of their state. This was a very well thought out basic overview of the industry and I would recommend their course for anyone looking to get a brief summary of what this plant and the industry behind it entails. The only suggestions I would have for the BootCamp’s next training, would be to work on marketing the event a little bit more prior to coming. If I wasn’t an industry insider, I don’t think I would have heard about this event prior. I would also suggest following through with contests and promotions that are already included in your presentation. These will benefit you in the long run more than you might think. Overall though, I think they had great content and a great speaker and look forward to seeing them again. I would give this event a 3.75 Leaf Rating on the 5 Leaf Scale. They WILL be coming back to Ohio, specifically Cleveland & Columbus again soon - so stay tuned to for up coming events. If you’d like to get more information on the CannaBiz Bootcamp, feel free to visit their website at We also recorded a lot of video and will be posting them up in the next few days once we edit everything, so stay tuned for that! Tia Marie Trees
  14. Ohio Dept. of Commerce releases Cultivation Applications & Webinar for Ohio Medical Marijuana Licenses The Ohio Department of Commerce released the application and instructions for Cultivators last Friday and will begin accepting applications in June 5-16 for Level II & June 19-30 for Level I. The department plans to issue up to 12 level I licenses for up to 25,000 square feet of growing space and 12 level II licenses for up to 3,000 square feet of space. The application doesn't indicate when licenses will be awarded. But the department faces a December deadline to do so because growers have nine months to meet the requirements of the license and state law requires the program be operational by September 2018. Ohio Medical Marijuana Cultivation Application Applicants are asked to drop off a paper and electronic copy of their applications with the application fee in person at the department's Columbus office. The nonrefundable application fee is $20,000 for level I applications and $2,000 for level II applications, both must be paid with a money order or certified check. If awarded a license, Level I cultivators would have to pay a $200,000 annual fee & Level II cultivators would pay $20,000 a year. Today the Ohio Department of Commerce also released the webinar to help guide applicants through the application process of obtaining a Level I or Level II cultivation license.
  15. Event Information Legal marijuana is coming to Ohio for medical purposes anyway. Now what? As regulators put together the rules governing how marijuana will be grown, distributed, prescribed and sold in the state, the business community faces concerns, opportunities and risks. Indeed, legalization will have implications for business owners, human resources experts, the medical community, patients and workers. At the same time, the market for cannabis opens the door for Ohio entrepreneurs in search of a piece of the action. Join us on June 13 when we will take a deep dive with the experts into the implications of the arrival of medical marijuana in our latest Editorial Forum. Our panelists: Ted Bibart, attorney with Benesch and member of the Ohio Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee Andy Joseph, owner of Apeks Supercritical Mysheika Williams Roberts, MD, MPH, Assistant Health Commissioner, Medical Director, City of Columbus Senator Charleta B. Tavares, Assistant Minority Leader, Ohio Senate Moderated by Doug Buchanan, editor-in-chief of Columbus Business First Agenda: 8:00am - Registration & Buffet Breakfast 8:30am - Welcome & Introductions 8:35am - Panel Discussion 9:40am - Audience Q&A 9:55am - Closing Registration & Event Details - Melissa Price | 614.220.5436 or Sponsorship Opportunities - Katy Burrier | 614.220.5440 or
  16. Presents a WEBINAR on the Key Elements for Successful Licensing Thursday, May 11th | 12pm MT The cannabis industry is booming and now is the time to enter the market. Be prepared for tough competition and plan for a successful application process with tips from our team. MJ Freeway's consulting team will cover four important areas to address during the application process: - Collaborating with a knowledgeable, experienced team - Assessing property and compliance requirements - Planning accordingly for financing - Understanding important factors that affect your success during the application process This FREE webinar will give you valuable insights from a team that has developed applications or assisted with the process for cannabis clients across the country.
  17. Hey everyone if you're free tonight and close to Cleveland you need to come to this! We will be in attendance as always, come say hello! Townhall is one of Cleveland's BEST bars/clubs - great food, drinks and atmosphere & no doubt this will be a great networking event!
  18. Come check out Cleveland NORML's 420 event at Sidetrack Cafe tonight @ 8pm
  19. April 20, 2017 6:00 PM -8:30 PM Are you looking for that golden career opportunity that will allow you to build a solid future for yourself and your family? RSVP now to attend our upcoming on-campus career fair. Whether you are a seasoned executive-level professional, just beginning your career, or anywhere in between, we can connect you with as many valuable employer contacts in two hours as you would make in weeks of job searching on your own. Hiring managers will be onsite and ready to offer interviews to qualified candidates. 5755 Granger road Suite 100 Independence,Ohio 44131
  20. Well hello Readers, I cannot thank you enough for supporting me on this journey and wanted to let you know that I have an exciting new set of interviews that I will be releasing in coming months, starting with none other than one of Ohio’s hopeful, first upcoming dispensary chains, STEM Dispensaries. I was first able to meet Stem Dispensaries reps at the Ohio Medical Marijuana Advisory meetings this fall. I was blown away by the branding attached to this Ohio Based Dispensary already as they showed me and the team their brand’s logo on already printed hats and stickers. We clicked instantly and were able to get into deep conversation about the structure of Ohio’s Dispensary program. Despite the rough edges of HB 523 discussed at our lunch meeting, the STEM Dispensaries team was still eager to go all in on the not so out of reach dream of owning a legal dispensary in Ohio. Their passion intrigued me and I really couldn’t wait to find out more about them and their organization. I was able to catch up with STEM Dispensary reps later through email to get to the root of what their organization really is and what is their goal for setting up shop in Ohio. Below are my questions with the team’s responses underneath. Enjoy! 1. What is Stem dispensaries? STEM Dispensaries (Science. Technology. Education. Medicinals) is a medical marijuana Dispensary with hopes of obtaining a license in the State of Ohio. STEM Dispensaries was organized by a hand-picked group of industry professionals with a proven track record of success. The STEM team is committed to providing their customers with the most effective products every time they walk through the door. 2. What made you want a dispensary? The dispensary space is where you can engage and teach patients on the benefits of medical marijuana. In a dispensary, patients have the opportunity to explore a variety of alternative medicines. 3. Did you study any other dispensaries? If so, who? We consulted and continue consultation through industry leaders. These leaders will continue to walk us through the processes and operation methods they have faced in the medical marijuana dispensary space. They will help us form the best operations, security plans, and overall customer experience through the existence of STEM Dispensaries. 4. How do you plan on educating people about your products? We hired a clinical director who will write and implement a free patient based training program. This program will include consultation for any questions a patient would need pertaining to medical marijuana. ie: The Endo-cannabinoid system, How Medical Marijuana helps patients, and differences in Sublingual, Transdermal and Topical training classes. 5. What are some of the biggest challenges you faced thus far trying to get into this industry? We are fully prepared to the challenge of entering this space. The limiting amount of licensing would be the only barrier. The STEM team is compiled of a pharmacist, physician-assistant, educator,entrepreneurs, marketers, and consultation from the medical marijuana industry. 6. What charities do you plan to give back to? STEM Dispensaries will offer a program for veterans, disabled, and patients with financial hardships. We will work with local charities to determine the needs of each organization. 7. What ailments do you want to laser target on helping? All ailments under HB523. STEM Dispensaries are committed to the patient needs. 8. How do you plan to help the community you open in? The cities who embrace medical marijuana will thrive from the economic benefits. We will help the local communities by offering jobs for local members. Donating to local charities and offering a safe, knowledgeable environment for patients to obtain there medicine. 9. Do you have an area you want to place your dispensary in already or are you still open? We plan to apply for licensing in Columbus, Dayton, and Akron, OH. We have spoken to local constituents and they will welcome us in their cities. If you would like to find more out about STEM Dispensaries, feel free to check out their Facebook Page Directly at: or their website at: They are also conducting circulating a survey that you can take here: Much Love & Until Next Time, Stay Pushing Tia Marie Trees
  21. On February 19th, 2017 I attended one of many to come Akron - Kent Norml meetings in the Acme Fresh Community room in Stow, Ohio. This meeting was by far one of the most refreshing events I’ve been to in a long time. Numerous activists and cannabis enthusiasts gathered in a spacious community room inside Acme Fresh. Hosts provided snacks as well as a detailed agenda of what was to be covered during the meeting along with handout information like Freedom of the Leaf books and business cards they received during the the Cleveland Norml speed networking event that happened the day before. Wendy B, president went over the general things like Treasurer's Financial Report, New Business, Akron Sensible Marijuana Ordinance, Ohio Medical Cannabis Status, and Fundraisers / Events. She told us of events that would be coming up and went over information on the most current Akron Sensible Marijuana Ordinance or as Wendy referred to it, “De-penalization” Ordinance. This act, like the one introduced last year by myself and Mr. Gary Enos would make it a zero fine for the possession of marijuana up to 200 grams. In turn, this would drain the money out of these convictions and would defer police from busting criminals for small amounts of cannabis. For anyone who doesn’t know, 199 grams is about 7 ounces so this could be huge for everyone in the Akron area. Action meetings are to begin soon to start training's for signature collectors with the goal being 13,000 with approximately 8,000 valid signatures from Akron residents needed. This is more signatures than is needed than Cleveland, but with a little bit of encouragement and dedication, it is totally and completely possible. They are aiming for 11/07/2017 for the mayoral election so if you are interested in helping the cause and collecting signatures, please contact Akron / Kent NORML for more information or keep watching their Facebook page for updates. The meeting briefly went over Ohio’s Medical Cannabis Status during the meeting. House Bill 523, became effective on 09/08/16 with rules adopted by 09/08/17 and fully operational by 09/08/18. Newly proposed rules include 60 dispensaries with possibly more occurring by 2018 and 24 grow sites with 12 being level 1 and 12 being level 2. Norml Members also encourage people to post feedback about the Ohio Medical Marijuana Program Rules, confirming that the rules have already been changed TWICE due to Ohioan’s emailing their feedback. Stated in one of the handouts titled “Ohio Department of Commerce Processor Rules - Public Input Accepted** “ the Department announced the following: “As one of three state government agencies responsible for developing, implementing, and overseeing the state's Medical Marijuana Control Program, the Ohio Department of Commerce is tasked with developing rules that will govern the operation of medical marijuana processors in the state of Ohio. The primary focus of the rules is to develop a program that ensures the safety of the public and access to a safe medical product. The draft rules presented to the Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee were developed after bench-marking with other states and talking with industry experts. The draft rules include flexibility to allow the program to respond to changes in demand. The Department is accepting public input on the draft rules. The draft rules are available on the Medical Marijuana Control Program website,” Despite the fact that this handout stated that all comments placed after Feb. 10th will not be considered for the Processor and Packaging Part, I would encourage activists and citizens alike to send your feedback and suggestions on all aspects of the program to their listed comment accepted email address which is: For more information you can also visit their website at: has also came out with a promo video that explains why it is so important that they receive your feedback that you can find here: OHIOCANNABIS.COM PROMO VIDEO One of the last things the meeting addressed was some of the fundraisers and events coming up. On 4/21 Akron / Kent Norml will be partnering with the Vortex for the Still B?azin event where artists like North Coast Shakedown and Tha Grimey Onez will be performing. There will also be a Miss 420 Beauty Pageant with Cash Prize. Entry is $8.00 and the doors open at 7:30pm. The other event coming up is the Annual Cleveland Global Marijuana March @ Fort Huntington Park at high noon. I don’t have much information about this one right now but I promise I will get it to my readers as soon as it becomes available. Overall, it was fantastic to see Miss Jolie again and to have the chance to meet Wendy B and Nycole Brownfield in person and get them connected with Canton Super Star Activist, Kimberly Dinsio. I am very excited for this year and to have the opportunity to work with this amazing group in the future. I will be planning on attending as many meetings as possible and will keep my readers posted on what’s going on with Bud in the Buckeye State. Much Love & Until Next Time, Stay Pushing Tia Marie Trees
  22. 5755 Granger Road Independence Ohio, 44131 1:00pm - 5:00pm Similar to a speed dating event with multiple tables where people can go from table to table asking questions in each designated field of the professional at that table. Speak with professional cannabis industry leaders, they will be ready to answer questions in their specific designated areas of expertise. This is a FREE event to the public!
  23. until
    Please join Akron/Kent NORML at our First Public Meeting. Acme meeting room 4445 Kent Rd. Stow, Ohio 44224 February 19th, 2017 2:00pm - 4:20pm