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  1. Has anyone here ever gone in on branded packaging for medical marijuana bottles or vials? My cousin just joined a band and they were thinking about getting their logo put on stash jars or something like that. I found a place that can do custom weed stickers but I think they're mostly doing this stuff for dispensaries. Has anyone here ever done anything like this and, if so, what's a reasonable price for getting stickers together for approximately 300 jars or bottles?
  2. Just read your blog this morning, OhioCannabis! Hocking College! Glad they stepped up!
  3. Right - I know you can just get concentrates in dispensaries in states like CA and CO but I think we're still a bit way off from that here.
  4. A friend was telling me that portable vape technology hasn't advanced to the point where you can adequately vaporize the herb without combustion and said that desktop is the only way to really vaporize dry bud. Do you know of any portable models that can vaporize dry herb without some level of combustion?
  5. I've heard good things about Arizer and Silver Surfer. I'm thinking of starting out with a wax pen first though. Any suggestions of good brands?
  6. Yeah, I'm hoping my uncle isn't one of those.
  7. I'm really sorry to hear that but thanks for confirming. I've waited this long, I guess I can wait a little longer.
  8. I think this is old news but I'm just learning about it this morning. It seems like the medical licenses that were meant to be distributed in September have been delayed a month. I guess this has a chain reaction that not only could stall out the 2017 crop but also leaves those that are chosen to receive licenses scrambling to meet zoning requirements. Does anyone know how long this is expected to delay the overall program?
  9. I missed that - thanks for letting me know! Yeah, I feel like this has so much inertia behind it but at the same time (from an outsider's perspective) it's moving so slowly.
  10. Thanks for the update! I'm hoping more universities step forward to lessen any risk of delay.
  11. I was reading an article this morning about how an unnamed Ohio college has volunteered to quality test marijuana. Since the name of the college has not been released, I'm assuming that information is scarce, but does anyone know if it's just the one college that has volunteered so far? I know that there is concern that a shortage of cooperating laboratories could delay the whole program.