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  1. Recently I was told that there is already a legal medical marijuana dispensary with a physician on site in Lima, Ohio. However I cannot find any information online confirming information such as contact, address, or even hours of operation. My brother and his girlfriend swear up and down they have already been there and it does exist . If anyone has any information on this please let me know. Since I was young, I've suffered from a tic disorder. I have my good days and bad day, there were even times where I don't even notice it. However, I am now the mother of two wonderful boys but immediately following the birth of my second child my tics have back stronger then ever with a vengeance, unfortunately when it's really bad, which now occurs a couple of hours every day, my older son, 20 months, is scared. He won't play, let me hold him, or even look my way and it is literally destroying my heart. I know he doesn't understand why my face twitches constantly or why I keep sniffling . Before my younger son was born i had never spent more then 12 hours at the very most away from my 20 month old and my tic disorder wasn't noticeable at all. Then my younger son came 2 months early and he had to be admitted into the NICU. Unfortunately because my son came very quickly ( my water broke at 2:13 am and he was here by 2:16, I had to deliver him myself at home) and because of that Child Protective Services kept trying to contact me to open an investigation. I was taken away from my family by cps at the age of 12 years old, my siblings and I were thrown into foster homes that wouldn't feed us and used all the money they received for my siblings and I for their own desired rather then to take care of us. They even put us in a foster home that resulted in molestation of my younger brother. By the time i was 16, i no longer was living with any of my 4 Sibling who i had fought soo hard to provide for and protect. I moved 13 times from the time i was 12 until i was finally 18. So needless to say , I was too scared to leave my sons side at the hospital because it felt as if the nurses and doctor were condemning me for being a young mother, they kept trying to convince me to talk to cps saying they just wanted to help . i sat right by him day and night no bed just a chair for 3 weeks and was only able to afford to see my older son twice because the hospital was 2 hours away from home, which left my older to with his dad and his family and my family for two weeks with out me. during that time my tics reemerged very badly so when i did get to see my older son he cried for hours because mommy wouldn't stop twitching. So please let me know if there is any help available because medication derived from chemical have just made them more prevalent or have cause horrible side effects . however i refuse to use cannabis illegally. i will not put my children at risk to go through what i did.