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  1. Well hello OhioCannabis.com Readers, I cannot thank you enough for supporting me on this journey and wanted to let you know that I have an exciting new set of interviews that I will be releasing in coming months, starting with none other than one of Ohio’s hopeful, first upcoming dispensary chains, STEM Dispensaries. I was first able to meet Stem Dispensaries reps at the Ohio Medical Marijuana Advisory meetings this fall. I was blown away by the branding attached to this Ohio Based Dispensary already as they showed me and the OhioCannabis.com team their brand’s logo on already printed hats and stickers. We clicked instantly and were able to get into deep conversation about the structure of Ohio’s Dispensary program. Despite the rough edges of HB 523 discussed at our lunch meeting, the STEM Dispensaries team was still eager to go all in on the not so out of reach dream of owning a legal dispensary in Ohio. Their passion intrigued me and I really couldn’t wait to find out more about them and their organization. I was able to catch up with STEM Dispensary reps later through email to get to the root of what their organization really is and what is their goal for setting up shop in Ohio. Below are my questions with the team’s responses underneath. Enjoy! 1. What is Stem dispensaries? STEM Dispensaries (Science. Technology. Education. Medicinals) is a medical marijuana Dispensary with hopes of obtaining a license in the State of Ohio. STEM Dispensaries was organized by a hand-picked group of industry professionals with a proven track record of success. The STEM team is committed to providing their customers with the most effective products every time they walk through the door. 2. What made you want a dispensary? The dispensary space is where you can engage and teach patients on the benefits of medical marijuana. In a dispensary, patients have the opportunity to explore a variety of alternative medicines. 3. Did you study any other dispensaries? If so, who? We consulted and continue consultation through industry leaders. These leaders will continue to walk us through the processes and operation methods they have faced in the medical marijuana dispensary space. They will help us form the best operations, security plans, and overall customer experience through the existence of STEM Dispensaries. 4. How do you plan on educating people about your products? We hired a clinical director who will write and implement a free patient based training program. This program will include consultation for any questions a patient would need pertaining to medical marijuana. ie: The Endo-cannabinoid system, How Medical Marijuana helps patients, and differences in Sublingual, Transdermal and Topical training classes. 5. What are some of the biggest challenges you faced thus far trying to get into this industry? We are fully prepared to the challenge of entering this space. The limiting amount of licensing would be the only barrier. The STEM team is compiled of a pharmacist, physician-assistant, educator,entrepreneurs, marketers, and consultation from the medical marijuana industry. 6. What charities do you plan to give back to? STEM Dispensaries will offer a program for veterans, disabled, and patients with financial hardships. We will work with local charities to determine the needs of each organization. 7. What ailments do you want to laser target on helping? All ailments under HB523. STEM Dispensaries are committed to the patient needs. 8. How do you plan to help the community you open in? The cities who embrace medical marijuana will thrive from the economic benefits. We will help the local communities by offering jobs for local members. Donating to local charities and offering a safe, knowledgeable environment for patients to obtain there medicine. 9. Do you have an area you want to place your dispensary in already or are you still open? We plan to apply for licensing in Columbus, Dayton, and Akron, OH. We have spoken to local constituents and they will welcome us in their cities. If you would like to find more out about STEM Dispensaries, feel free to check out their Facebook Page Directly at: http://bit.ly/2mI9dgb or their website at: http://bit.ly/2lQENuN They are also conducting circulating a survey that you can take here: http://svy.mk/2l93V13 Much Love & Until Next Time, Stay Pushing Tia Marie Trees
  2. On February 19th, 2017 I attended one of many to come Akron - Kent Norml meetings in the Acme Fresh Community room in Stow, Ohio. This meeting was by far one of the most refreshing events I’ve been to in a long time. Numerous activists and cannabis enthusiasts gathered in a spacious community room inside Acme Fresh. Hosts provided snacks as well as a detailed agenda of what was to be covered during the meeting along with handout information like Freedom of the Leaf books and business cards they received during the the Cleveland Norml speed networking event that happened the day before. Wendy B, president went over the general things like Treasurer's Financial Report, New Business, Akron Sensible Marijuana Ordinance, Ohio Medical Cannabis Status, and Fundraisers / Events. She told us of events that would be coming up and went over information on the most current Akron Sensible Marijuana Ordinance or as Wendy referred to it, “De-penalization” Ordinance. This act, like the one introduced last year by myself and Mr. Gary Enos would make it a zero fine for the possession of marijuana up to 200 grams. In turn, this would drain the money out of these convictions and would defer police from busting criminals for small amounts of cannabis. For anyone who doesn’t know, 199 grams is about 7 ounces so this could be huge for everyone in the Akron area. Action meetings are to begin soon to start training's for signature collectors with the goal being 13,000 with approximately 8,000 valid signatures from Akron residents needed. This is more signatures than is needed than Cleveland, but with a little bit of encouragement and dedication, it is totally and completely possible. They are aiming for 11/07/2017 for the mayoral election so if you are interested in helping the cause and collecting signatures, please contact Akron / Kent NORML for more information or keep watching their Facebook page for updates. The meeting briefly went over Ohio’s Medical Cannabis Status during the meeting. House Bill 523, became effective on 09/08/16 with rules adopted by 09/08/17 and fully operational by 09/08/18. Newly proposed rules include 60 dispensaries with possibly more occurring by 2018 and 24 grow sites with 12 being level 1 and 12 being level 2. Norml Members also encourage people to post feedback about the Ohio Medical Marijuana Program Rules, confirming that the rules have already been changed TWICE due to Ohioan’s emailing their feedback. Stated in one of the handouts titled “Ohio Department of Commerce Processor Rules - Public Input Accepted** “ the Department announced the following: “As one of three state government agencies responsible for developing, implementing, and overseeing the state's Medical Marijuana Control Program, the Ohio Department of Commerce is tasked with developing rules that will govern the operation of medical marijuana processors in the state of Ohio. The primary focus of the rules is to develop a program that ensures the safety of the public and access to a safe medical product. The draft rules presented to the Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee were developed after bench-marking with other states and talking with industry experts. The draft rules include flexibility to allow the program to respond to changes in demand. The Department is accepting public input on the draft rules. The draft rules are available on the Medical Marijuana Control Program website, medicalmarijuana.ohio.gov/rules.” Despite the fact that this handout stated that all comments placed after Feb. 10th will not be considered for the Processor and Packaging Part, I would encourage activists and citizens alike to send your feedback and suggestions on all aspects of the program to their listed comment accepted email address which is: MMCPRules@com.ohio.gov. For more information you can also visit their website at: medicalmarijauana.ohio.gov. OhioCannabis.com has also came out with a promo video that explains why it is so important that they receive your feedback that you can find here: OHIOCANNABIS.COM PROMO VIDEO One of the last things the meeting addressed was some of the fundraisers and events coming up. On 4/21 Akron / Kent Norml will be partnering with the Vortex for the Still B?azin event where artists like North Coast Shakedown and Tha Grimey Onez will be performing. There will also be a Miss 420 Beauty Pageant with Cash Prize. Entry is $8.00 and the doors open at 7:30pm. The other event coming up is the Annual Cleveland Global Marijuana March @ Fort Huntington Park at high noon. I don’t have much information about this one right now but I promise I will get it to my readers as soon as it becomes available. Overall, it was fantastic to see Miss Jolie again and to have the chance to meet Wendy B and Nycole Brownfield in person and get them connected with Canton Super Star Activist, Kimberly Dinsio. I am very excited for this year and to have the opportunity to work with this amazing group in the future. I will be planning on attending as many meetings as possible and will keep my readers posted on what’s going on with Bud in the Buckeye State. Much Love & Until Next Time, Stay Pushing Tia Marie Trees
  3. Thanks for the comments! I really hope they expand in four years.. Are all of you planning on sending in feedback to the public comment page?
  4. No Breaks For The Ohio Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee Learn the latest updates to Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Bill HB523 Welcome again OhioCannabis.com Readers! It is almost time for the holidays, but that doesn’t mean Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Advisory committee has stopped working. On Thursday December 15th, 2016, OhioCannnabis.com and I attended a meeting held at Vern Riffle Center in Columbus. This meeting covered physician, dispensary, & cultivation laws while touching on many other issues like the seed to sale app. When I first walked into the meeting, the committee members were already in deep discussion about the physician part of Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Bill. Just like last meeting, it was mentioned that physicians will have to complete a course in order to recommend medication. The committee also explained that even though they are still working out the details, there will be a suffix on the physician's license that will be identify the doctor as one who is licensed to recommend medical marijuana. However, whether they will have a book or type of directory that will identify them as cannabis recommending doctors is yet to be determined. Laws will also require an in person visit to get a medical marijuana recommendation. You can watch the full 13 part segment in our video section. After finishing up the Physician discussion, the meeting broke for lunch and Tim Johnson once again proved that he has the best taste in restaurants that side of Columbus. Tim brought us to Graze Columbus, which is neatly tucked within Ohio’s State House. We dined on a wide variety of dishes, with myself deciding upon a fantastic chicken wrap that featured fresh quinoa and vegetables along with adobe like chicken. Our table which included Tim and his wife Wendy, OhioCannnabis.com crew, and hopeful future Stem Dispensaries owner, discussed the progression of the meeting and an upcoming conference called: The Cannabis Impact: Opportunities, Issues, and Challenges for Ohio This event will include Tim and some other Ohio cannabis superstars as a part of the line up on February 4th, 2017 in Columbus, Ohio. This conference will be hosted by Theresa Daniello, founder of TDCANN Institute. Theresa Daniello is a cannabis expert that has traveled throughout the country, who was able to join us at our table before dessert. She was able to give us a deeper look into one of the speakers that will be coming to the event in February. His name is Don E. Wirtshafter Esq. and he seems to be a hidden gem among canna-enthusiasts. As he is Director of Cannabis Museum, he holds the key to several cannabis and hemp artifacts in the palm of his hand and will be presenting some of this information at Theresa’s event in February. I was also able to get a sneak preview of the museum by Tim Johnson, and cannot tell Ohio Cannabis Insiders how excited I am to speak to rack this man’s brain. After we finished lunch we ventured back over to the meeting and took our seats. This time around, committee members went deeper within dispensary laws as well as explaining how they reached their conclusions. To much surprise of the audience, it was announced that there were to be only 40 dispensaries to start out with for Ohio’s 88 counties. Each will have a biennial (every 2 years) fee of $80,000 for the license and an application fee of $5,000. Remind you that an annual pharmacy license remains at only $1,000.00. The current rules as they are written, will also make it impossible for patients, whether in hospice or critical care, to have their medication transported to them. When asked if drugs like morphine and other pharmaceuticals are able to be transported, the panel members replied yes. There was talk of possibly allowing patients to receive medicine at their homes with doctor recommendation, however as it stands, this will STILL NOT BE ALLOWED. On a brighter note, before closing, the committee brought news that cultivation centers will be expanded. Tier 1 Grow Sites would be increased from 15,000 to to 25,000 square feet while Tier 2 Grow Sites would be increased from 1,600 to 3,000 square feet. Closing comments were met with mixed feelings by advisory members, stating that strict rules will make it that much harder to get participation from physicians. With 45% out of 3,000 doctors surveyed already saying they will be unlikely to recommended, this could be a huge blow to Ohio’s Medical Plan. It was also mentioned that closing down additional revenue streams such as t-shirts, hats & vaporizers in dispensaries will make it challenging for them to stay afloat and in turn cause the system to fail. Regardless of the likelihood of this system's success, there is one person that seems to be the shining star for patients and asking the tough questions that will get us to where we need to be - James “Ted” Bibart. A legislative analyst whose studies state medical marijuana laws for Benesch Attorneys at Law, would be that person. Not only was I impressed by the way he handled himself but also by the way he directed the meeting to get back on task when it seemed to get down one of the committees endless loop questions. The next meeting should be in January, so before then I encourage you and all my OhioCannabis.com readers to let your state know what you think about these rules by visiting their public comment page. Once again, this is Tia Marie Trees and I hope you have a fantastic day. Until Next Time, Stay Pushing Tia Marie Trees
  5. I understand your pain and trust me, I'll do everything in my power to help PassTrees throughout Ohio. & anytime I really appreciate the feedback. If you have anything specific you'd like me to cover just let me know
  6. The Laws Come Out At The Ohio Medical Marijuana Advisory Meeting Hello happy OhioCannabis.com readers, It is my pleasure to becoming to you again with the latest updates on Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Laws. Last week, we were notified two days before, there would be a brief meeting held at our state's capital at the Vern Riffe Center - 31st Floor - Room South B & C building to go over the Ohio Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee's advancements on implementing HB-523 on Ohio soil. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the first session where the committee went over the morning itinerary which included: “Ethics” and “The Sunshine Laws.” I was lucky enough, however, to get the rundown from Tim Johnson after the meeting who said, “The morning half of the MMJ Advisory Committee consisted of; A self introduction of each committee member introducing themselves and their position on the board. The Commerce Department Director spoke as to their role. An Attorney General representative spoke about public records request, ORC 149.43, to obtain certain information from the Advisory Committee. And they discussed the ethics section in the Ohio Sunshine Laws in reference to participation or involvement with the HB 523 industry.” Before the afternoon session, I had the chance to meet with some morning attendees head to a local Taco joint called Condado Tacos. This is where I was able to network and grab lunch with some of Ohio’s upcoming influencers which included potential Dispensary Owner from Stem Dispensaries and Cannabis Safety First also mentioned above, Tim Johnson. Tim was on tour with The Senate Listening Tour, Senator Yucko, and Senator Burke. He attended and spoke at all three locations, Cleveland State, University of Cincinnati, and Toledo University. Mr. Johnson also attended the MMJ Task Force Committee Hearings, the MMJ House Select Committee and the MMJ Senate Select Committee during the marijuana 23 meetings and testified at all but 1 time. He has a background in law enforcement and has been resilient in making sure that he stays in his efforts in helping make cannabis medicinally legal throughout Ohio. Over lunch, Tim discussed with us some of the potential dangers potential cannabis owners are going to face as the industry evolves and becomes more defined. Some of these possible dangers included such as Transportation Safety, Cultivation Safety, and Dispensary Safety. His firm will specialize in constructing security plans as well as offering On Site Training, Security Consulting, Take In The Regulatory Compliance Side For that will keep both people and products safe. After enjoying some spicy but delicious tacos, we were able to conduct some video interviews then head back up to the 31st floor where the meeting was held. Media was allowed to sit in the back of the room while board and committee members alike sat in the very front , facing opposite from the crowd in a U - Shape that allowed them to view a power-point presentation that displayed the plethora of the new policies and procedures that would be making up Ohio’s new “green industry”. People like members Hunt and Reed gave us insight into the bill and their reasoning behind certain sections, answering the panel's questions during and after the presentation was complete. Some of the most valuable things I took away from their presentation was: 1 ) Physician Information 2 ) Administrative And Rule making Process 3 ) Rules And Regulations For The Cultivators The Physician's Certification Process will require doctors to hold an additional certification that will allow them to recommend medical marijuana. By September 8th, 2017, Ohio law requires the State Medical Board of Ohio to adopt rules for physicians certified to recommend medical marijuana. The Administrative and Rulemaking Process is a process that is headed by the Marijuana Advisory Committee and allows for 4 opportunities for the public to make comments about the rules. They asking Ohioans to start making feedback on the rules which they can submit at the committee's website at: medicalmarijuana.ohio.gov/rules. The Rules And Regulations For The Cultivators were laid out by the committee as they also announced that they would release 12 Level 1 licenses and 6 Level 2 licenses prior to September 9th, 2018. To get an insight into other rules and regulations for cultivators, check out our exclusive video coverage on our youtube channel or find out more by visiting their website. In closing, it was apparent that the board and committee members agreed that there is still a lot of work to be done, but they were grateful for the supreme efforts that Hunt and Reed have already been putting in. One suggestion that was made in closing by a panel member was that she needs more time to clearly review the material. She said more time would allow her to bring the type of questions that will help make Ohio a model for other states looking to pass Medicinal Marijuana legislation. Despite the short notice, it was a very informative meeting that really brought some light to what exactly is going on with Marijuana Laws in the state of Ohio. Until next time, Tia Marie Trees
  7. That is correct It's a work in progress... Feel free to make any comments about the rules on their website listed in the article above. Hope this helps
  8. Anonymous That Dude Interview - “Coffee and Kush” entrepreneur and musical artist gives us insight on where hes been, where he’s going, and how cannabis legalization is impacting his career already. As most know, the cannabis industry is one of the most controversial industries of its time. Current prohibition laws make it almost necessary for an underground market to form in areas where the plant still remains illegal. Many people that have been involved with the industry have seen it’s double edged sword first hand. A plant that offers so much benefit, can also bring so much pain to those who have taken part in “smuggling” or keeping the underground market supplied while legislatures catch up. With many people either ending up dead or in prison, the street can put an end to their dreams, but for others, it can give them the inspiration they need to make these dreams into a reality. These individuals create art or music based on the life they spent in the underground that helps them share their experiences with others in a way that they might not be able to elsewhere. No one does this better, than Anonymous That Dude. First linking up with him while he was on the road with “The Best Thang Smokin Tour”, I could hear from his lyrics that he wasn’t just your typical rapper. His songs speak of wisdom beyond his years and give his listeners the “stay pushing attitude” that he seems to carry with him wherever he goes. His slogan, “No Days Off” not only represents his album, but his mentality for life in general. I knew from the first time I heard him, this would be someone I’d like to learn from. I got the chance to catch up with before his show at The Rialto Theater in Kenmore which is apart of his “Coffee and Kush Tour” and was able to get some insight on what makes this highly motivated man tick. Still not ever getting his real time, I did manage to still get a little background information on this artists beginning. Originally from New York, ATD relocated years ago to California to pursue his music and entrepreneurial career. He got his start almost by accident after he “laid some bars down on a track” that his friends listened to and encouraged him to keep building on. He then made the pivot from the underground into the rap game, starting at level one and climbing his way up ever since. Now with his own clothing line “Smugglers Union”, numerous albums , and line of cannabis infused coffee products about to be released, you can say this man is literally taking NO DAYS OFF at achieving his dreams. Anonymous That Dude, just released his album “Coffee and Kush Part 2” and has exclusive tracks with artists like Kevin Gates and Berner and is on a countrywide tour that has it’s last show in Arcata, California on November 30th. ATD’s music, clothing, and product line, each centers around cross promotion. Everything has a purpose, everything has a meaning, every move he makes is calculated and lined up with a product launch or career move of some kind. However, that doesn’t mean that heart and soul gets lost in the art. With lyrics like, “Came from the curb littered in New Ports, covered in dirt, dreams so unrealistic none of them worked, the one that did was big enough to show me the truth, through commitment you can do whatever you want to do”, he is a living example of what one can do with a passion and dedication. Don’t get confused and think his music is just for people in the underground either. His fan base expands to business professionals and exercise enthusiasts alike. All with the same type of go getter attitude in mind as they use the help of music to push themselves to the next level. Something I truly admire about ATD is the way he connects with his fans and promotes free music across the country. Not ever worrying about songs for the radio, Anonymous designs his music specifically for like minded individuals that share the same “hustle hard” passion. Last year, ATD gave out 70,000 free cds to his fans across the country including CDs like “Trap and Field” and the first of “Coffee and Kush” projects. Each album tells a different story through lyrical genius and harmonies constructed by ATD and other accompanying artists like Berner and Kevin Gates. When I asked him where he got the idea for the “Coffee and Kush” album from, ATD told me, the name, like everything else under his umbrella brand, comes from his music. “Everything I push comes from a song I wrote. Smugglers Union is from a bar and that stemmed my whole clothing line. In “Who The Fuck Is That Dude” album, there’s a song called “Grind So Hard” that says “I’ve been living off Coffee and Kush” . & (With Coffee and Kush), I wanted to make a different project. I wanted to make a more rounded project. Coffee and Kush, is just my life..” “Coffee and Kush Part 1” and his new album, “Coffee and Kush Part 2”, ties into a cross promotion strategy for his infused cannabis coffee products which will be launching very soon. When I asked him if he thinks legalization would affect his musical career he responded that it already has. “Musically, it’s opening more doors. It's just math. Legalization leads to industry and commercialization, which leads to marketing and branding. & the best people that market and brand are people that fit the lifestyle mode and the culture. Think about it, people that market and brand basketball shoes are basketball players. So being that I’m this artist from Cali who has pushed this weed line, now that weed is becoming legal, I’m the ideal person for these corporations to push their product. Three shows on this tour were booked by weed clubs including Vehicle City Social Dab Lounge in Flint, Michigan.” When I asked him about the hardest thing about being on tour, ATD told me it wasn’t the long nights on the bus, or the late night studio sessions, but inability to smoke as much as he wanted, whenever he wanted that got to him the most. Despite being from a state like California where weed culture is embraced, a lot of states he tours through have yet to take on the same attitude when it comes to cannabis, leaving harsh penalties for anyone who still gets caught with trees or paraphernalia. Even without having enough access to trees, Anonymous That Dude still manages to put on a great show and I thank him again for allowing the OhioCannabis.com the EXCLUSIVE. “When you're really dedicated to something and you stay focused with your eyes on the prize, the sky is the mother fucking limit. I see where I wanna be, I know where I wanna go, and I’m going to keep pushing till I get there. No Days Off. “ - ATD No matter if he’s grinding in the Bay, in the office creating music, or spoiling his daughter with the fruits of his labor, ATD seems to always be always focused with his eyes on the prize. So no matter if you’re still in the Trap and Field or just a Coffee and Kush lover, this artist is someone you should look to give you a product that delivers total satisfaction. His music will get you moving while giving you insight into the other side of the life industry all of us have come to love so much. I look to see Anonymous That Dude as one of the cannabis culture brand leaders and would encourage anyone looking for some grind time music, to put on one of his albums and start pushing. No days off right? Until next time, Tia Marie Trees You can find more information about Anonymous That Dude at: bit.ly/2dYG9m7 You can listen to him on soundcloud at: bit.ly/2dVLOcz Follow Tour at: bit.ly/2dRTvww Check out his clothing line at: bit.ly/2e9PbHR
  9. Hope to see you next time We'll keep you posted on events through the calendar on the front.
  10. Thanks you for reading Really do appreciate all the love and support.
  11. Hello again OhioCannabis.com readers. It’s great to be writing to all of you again and I hope to hear more from my readers as the days go by. With all that lovey dovey stuff out of the way, we can talk business or rather “CannaBiz Bootcamp”. Over the weekend, I was able to get my bootcamp on with the Cannabiz Boot Camp Seminar that hit Cleveland, Ohio on October 1st & also in Columbus on Sunday October 2nd. The event was held at the Sheraton Hotel which was conveniently close to the Cleveland Hopkins airport. Training consisted of an “Industry Overview” presentation at a “theater style” audience of interested entrepreneurs and attendees. The presentation room was very intimate compared to most events I’ve attended and I really enjoyed the amount of individual attention guests were given during the training. In the back of the room, educational learning materials were on display for students which included books like, “Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana” and “The Little Black Book of Marijuana". Another table located in the back of the room displayed Cannabiz BootCamp Apparel. I arrived at the Sheraton a bit early with my OhioCannabis.com founder John & my partner Amanda, where we were able to catch a few words with CannaBizBootCamp Founder, Kathy Mason. Kathy is a fiery Canna Veteran that comes out of Nevada. Planning on a visit to Nevada in the near future to see Deep Roots Harvest with Weed Be Better, I was pretty interested in hearing her take on the industry model out there. She stated how Nevada's model, in her opinion, is set up completely wrong and Ohio should look to the structure of the Colorado model if it want’s to make it’s mark in the industry without all the hang-ups that other states are facing from “not well thought out legislation”. After we parted ways with Kathy, we went back downstairs where guests were arriving and checking in at a registration table outside the event. The seminar began promptly at 9:28 am and went through 11:30am. Since it was such an intimate venue, there was an brief opportunity for guests to go around the room, state their first name, and give a little bit of why they were there. Two things seemed to be the motivation for almost all attendees coming to the bootcamp. These two things were that they wanted to obtain general knowledge to begin their career in the cannabis industry and to get information for a loved one that was currently suffering from some ailment that they thought cannabis could help. The speaker, then began her introduction of what got her involved in the cannabis industry and a little bit about her background. She grew up in Missouri, two blocks from Ferguson, and has lived in “Monsanto country” as she calls it, ever since. After being inspired to get involved in the industry after seeing the impact cannabis had on the life of a sick family member, Tracey linked up with the Cannabiz team at a conference out in Oakland, California. After a lot of independent education and training, she was hired on as an educator and now tours the country speaking about the benefits of cannabis and hemp and giving event attendees a brief bootcamp run down on the history of cannabis, laws and regulations at a federal and state level, and career opportunities that are available. Once everyone got acquainted with her as an educator, Tracey got down to bootcamp business and gave us the introductory facts about the industry. This included an explanation of reefer madness, an insight into the endocannabinoid system, and some mind boggling statistics about the plant, like its worth per acre compared to corn. There were several graphs and charts included that were sourced from Marijuana Business Daily.com. After a brief break option, Tracey began her second part of the presentation which covered the hemp plant, state and federal regulations, and a rundown of cannabis non-profit groups like Women Grow and Norml. We were lucky enough to have a Ohio Central Norml Chapter representative in the crowd named Brandon Bashak, who agreed to be interviewed by the OhioCannnabis.com team. Brandon stated, “Potential cannaBiz owners in Ohio should start thinking about how we are going to give back to the community. We have to remember, that cannabis business owners in Ohio will be under intense scrutiny from Law Enforcement, the Media, and Lawmakers, so we have to remember to always conduct ourselves in a responsible, compassionate manner to reflect the beauty of the nature of our business. I like to look at what Steve DeAngelo has done with his Harborside Health Clinic in Oakland. After visiting, I was in awe of how much a medical cannabis dispensary can really provide to a community. All registered patient/members of Harborside may attend any of the free classes and programs sponsored but not limited to Reiki, Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy, Chiropractic, Grow Classes, Herbalist Consultations, Yoga, Naturopathy, Substance abuse treatment... the list goes on and on. That is what I call comprehensive holistic treatment. Now some more ideas that I would like to be seen put into practice are, sponsored organic community food/botanical gardens, organized volunteer teams for trash pickup feeding people, and adult league sports teams(if bars can do it, why not cannabis collectives). There are so many different ways we can reach out and improve our community the list is endless. It all starts with treating each other compassionately, and doing what we love.” When asked what he would like to tell Ohioans to do to continue supporting the cause he said, “I encourage Ohioans to get out to as many Cannabis related events as possible so that we can continue to network with others that all have a common interest. It is important that everyone looking to participate in this up and coming industry learn and love and grow with each other, so that we can all be on the same page. I cannot stress enough how important it is to stay educated in an industry that changes legality multiple times per day throughout the nation. The more we know the better off we all are to be able to help one another. Whether it be rallying together to get a petition signed to grant more patients safer access, or to come together to help someone afflicted with illness, it takes a community. I am proud to have such a great family, that is the cannabis community. Please support your local NORML chapter.” Tracey concluded her presentation by giving a deeper look into the opportunities available along with her “Jacket Flipper Philosophy”. As Retail, Cultivation, Ancillary, and Manufacturing businesses will touch every part of the Ohio economy, we will see a great growth in jobs as well as an economic boost for everyone. This is where the “Jacket Flipping” will come into play, as interested individuals who are already doing things like IT and Culinary, will pivot their skill set over into a new and emerging market. Almost everyone has experience in doing something, and they now have the opportunity to transfer that experience into helping the cannabis and hemp industry grow and prosper along with the means of their state. This was a very well thought out basic overview of the industry and I would recommend their course for anyone looking to get a brief summary of what this plant and the industry behind it entails. The only suggestions I would have for the BootCamp’s next training, would be to work on marketing the event a little bit more prior to coming. If I wasn’t an industry insider, I don’t think I would have heard about this event prior. I would also suggest following through with contests and promotions that are already included in your presentation. These will benefit you in the long run more than you might think. Overall though, I think they had great content and a great speaker and look forward to seeing them again. I would give this event a 3.75 Leaf Rating on the 5 Leaf Scale. They WILL be coming back to Ohio, specifically Cleveland & Columbus again soon - so stay tuned to OhioCannabis.com for up coming events. If you’d like to get more information on the CannaBiz Bootcamp, feel free to visit their website at cannabizbootcamp.com We also recorded a lot of video and will be posting them up in the next few days once we edit everything, so stay tuned for that! Tia Marie Trees
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