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  1. Ohio-based Black Elk Biotech has awarded Ohio University (OU) a $1.85 million contract to examine therapeutic benefits generated from cannabis and other natural products. Black Elk Biotech is a subsidiary of Black Elk, an Ohio company focused on products and medicines derived from fruits, trees, plants and other vegetation. According to The Post – an independent student-run newspaper on the OU campus – the funding will bankroll research into natural treatments for various medical conditions. The five-year study is slated to be conducted at OU’s Edison Biotechnology Institute, according to The Post. The institute’s director told the newspaper that researchers must first obtain state and federal licenses to study cannabis. The applications are pending. To start, researchers plan to test the impact of plant extracts on cells. After that, researchers would conduct tests on living organisms such as mice. The researchers ultimately hope to perform tests on humans.
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  11. Final Ohio Medical Marijuana Cultivation Rules & Regulations For Licensing Released The cultivator rules for 24 grow sites have been finalized for Ohio's Medical Marijuana program: 12 Level 1 - 25,000 sq.ft. 12 Level 2 - 3,000 sq.ft. The Department of Commerce could be able to further expand the number of licenses or square footage for grows beginning in September 2018. Also included in the rules is an outline for application and license fees for Ohio Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, Processors and Testing Labs, passed the Ohio legislature’s Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review without objection on Monday. The rules will be officially filed by the end of April and are set to take effect before the May 6 statutory deadline. Rather than divide the state into four quadrants, as initially discussed, licenses will be awarded across the state to the best applicants through a point system and lottery. The license fees and financial requirements are among the highest of the country's 28 medical marijuana programs. The state will charge a $20,000 non-refundable application fee and $180,000 license fee for large grows, and a $2,000 application fee and an $18,000 license fee for small cultivators. The Commerce department will begin taking applications for grower licenses in June. Applicants must meet baseline financial criteria and have local approval for their proposed site, among other requirements. Rules and regulations for dispensaries, processors and laboratories are still being worked on but must be in place by Sept. 8. The Ohio Medical Marijuana program will be putting out a webinar in the next few weeks to help guide everyone through the process of filling out the application. We will continue to cover this as it happens. Other requirements for cultivators: A person or company cannot own or invest in more than one cultivator. Applicants must show local support for the plan and no bans or moratoriums can be in place. Demonstrate the facility will be secured by fencing, 24-hour surveillance and security alarms. Maintain an inventory of at least 20 pounds of medical marijuana for large growers and 10 pounds for small growers. How will applications be scored? Applications will be screened first to determine whether they are complete. A separate panel of reviewers will then score the applications based on criteria set by the rules. The applications reviewed in this stage won't include identifiable information.
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  13. RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Ohio -- Medical marijuana cultivation, processing and sales could be coming to Richmond Town Square. Ron Hudson, whose Mr. McGooz Cannabis Products has been working with the city of Richmond Heights on a plan to purchase the former Villa and Casa di Borally party center buildings on Chardon Road for conversion into a one-stop medical marijuana cultivation, processing and dispensing facility, spoke about a new plan at Tuesday's council Committee-of-the-Whole meeting. "The courts are going to hold up the Borally building (sale) and we have no access to the building," Hudson told the committee. "Every (Borally) family member is in court. The lawyers believe they'll be litigation for at least two years." With the sale of the buildings held up, Hudson and his team of backers have focused on the Richmond Town Square mall property. "We want to build a brand new building at the mall," said Hudson, a Mayfield Heights resident and Marine veteran. Following the meeting, Hudson said his company, now renamed AB Sellers Inc., wants to build a single-story, 10,000-square-foot building in the northeast corner of the mall lot. The space is mall-owned property used as overflow parking on the former Sears side of the mall. "It's really a better location for us. We need a space to accommodate high traffic," Hudson said, predicting that if AB Sellers is granted a cultivation permit by the state of Ohio in June, the building will attract 2,500-3,000 customers per week. Hudson said that constructing a new building will allow the company to build according to its needs and eliminate the modifications the di Borally buildings would have required. He is confident that his group will get a permit, as he added that state officials like the model of all three phases of the medical marijuana business being conducted under one roof, as he has proposed. When asked if the mall lot would host a new, medical marijuana building, Richmond Town Square Manager Leisa Russell said, "We have no contract with (Hudson) yet." Russell said Hudson contacted her late last week with the idea. Hudson has been working with Richmond Heights leaders, including its building department and police, in working out plans. He believes that not only would his business be well-served by a new building, but that it would help attract people to the struggling mall. When Hudson addressed council at the committee meeting, Councilman Frank Lentine questioned the need to construct a new building in a city that already has several vacant buildings. Hudson told council that the mall, since changes were recently made in permitted uses there, is zoned for his business. Other vacant buildings in Richmond Heights, he said, are not properly zoned. Council President Eloise Henry, along with other council members and city officials, recently traveled to Michigan to see Hudson's operations there. When asked her thoughts about a new building being constructed in the mall lot, Henry said, "I'm OK with it. I went to visit their facility in Detroit and and it was very professionally run and clean, like a medical facility. "Our police chief (Gene Rowe) thinks it's a tip-top operation." Henry said that the new building would be very close to her home's back yard. "I believed in it when it was going to be (on Chardon Road), so I still have to believe in it when it's near my home," she said. The city has been working with Hudson as its officials believe medical marijuana will be a source of needed revenues. Hudson said that if AB Sellers is granted a permit in June that construction on the new building could begin in August, and be ready for business the following month. In other Richmond Heights news: -- Russell said that a new medium-to-fine-dining restaurant, Kevante's, will open at the mall June 1. It will occupy a currently vacant space. The space was formerly home to Sub City, a sports bar. Council, on Tuesday, approved legislation granting Kevante's a liquor permit. -- Economic Development Director Christel Best said the city received a $50,000 Cuyahoga County grant. The money will be used to make improvements at the Kiwanis Lodge at Richmond Heights Community Park. Best believes the money can only be used to upgrade the lodge's basement, which the city is attempting to use to attract more events. The city, however, was recently denied a $150,000 Community Development Block Grant it had sought to add restrooms to the lodge's basement. The CDBG is issued through the county. Best said the plan now is to upgrade the basement -- work that must be finished under the grant's rules by this fall -- attract more events, then re-apply for the restroom grants, showing that they are needed. -- Council approved legislation that will have the city seek an Ohio Department of Natural Resources' Nature Works grant so that all four of the tennis courts can be repaired and resurfaced at the community park. Recreation Director Ken Stray said that one of the courts will possibly be striped for use as a pickleball court. The grant would cover 75 percent of the project's total cost. Stray said the project could cost between $18,000-$36,000. -- Council approved a resolution that will be passed on to JCPenney executives, hoping to change their minds about closing the Richmond Town Square store, as was recently announced. Russell informed council last week that JCPenney may be receptive to keeping open the store if the city and its residents were firmly behind doing so.
  14. April 20, 2017 6:00 PM -8:30 PM Are you looking for that golden career opportunity that will allow you to build a solid future for yourself and your family? RSVP now to attend our upcoming on-campus career fair. Whether you are a seasoned executive-level professional, just beginning your career, or anywhere in between, we can connect you with as many valuable employer contacts in two hours as you would make in weeks of job searching on your own. Hiring managers will be onsite and ready to offer interviews to qualified candidates. 5755 Granger road Suite 100 Independence,Ohio 44131
  15. Help him get educated! Send him to this website or the main medicalmarijuana.ohio.gov website. Fear comes from unknown things and once one is educated they can see all of the beneficial things cannabis does for humanity.