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  2. I think this is old news but I'm just learning about it this morning. It seems like the medical licenses that were meant to be distributed in September have been delayed a month. I guess this has a chain reaction that not only could stall out the 2017 crop but also leaves those that are chosen to receive licenses scrambling to meet zoning requirements. Does anyone know how long this is expected to delay the overall program?
  3. CCV Research Press Release Ohio College moving forward with plans to operate a medical cannabis test lab Internal planning moving fast with Press Conference scheduled for Sept 5th. Cleveland, Ohio Aug 15, 2017 CCV Research provided an update today regarding its efforts to help assist an Ohio Public Institute of Higher Education to successfully obtain a certificate of operation for the Ohio Department of Commerce to operate a medical cannabis test lab. CCV met with the college executive team last week to review the current challenges and opportunities to support this state mandated testing and the workforce development effort needed to protect public safety. “It was important that we advise the executive team that lab licensure is not a mechanism for a private company to partner with the college to beat out other companies,” stated Dr. Jonathan Cachat, President and CEO of CCV Research. “In turn, the executive team disclosed a vision for a long-term plan to develop a robust lab technician program across multiple disciplines. They indicated that the cannabis test lab is just a part of the overall workforce development program. “ Last week, CCV Research announced a completed letter of intent with the Ohio institution in part to ease concerns of Ohio patients, cannabis businesses and state regulators that no eligible colleges were willing to participate. The concern is that this critical step in the supply chain would not be met and the entire program would experience delay. State regulators have addressed this trepidation by suggesting that the law (HB 523) and/or testing lab regulations could be changed before launch to allow privately-owned companies to apply. However, CCV Research and other industry experts have been passionately advocating for institutes of higher education to participate in legal cannabis analytics & research for years. As reported by Jimi Devine of Cannabis Now, “While a surprise inclusion for some, public universities taking part in state cannabis programs made perfect sense to long time UC Berkeley cannabis researcher Dr. Amanda Reiman, who currently serves on the board of the International Cannabis Growers Association. “I think that the involvement of universities in the testing of cannabis for state programs makes total sense,” Reiman said. “Universities and colleges are often on the forefront of research and public discourse. Federal funding used to be a huge barrier for these institutions wanting to get involved in this way. But, more and more, state medical cannabis laws are including these institutions as a vital part of their program. I think this is a move in the right direction.” “For all the flack state regulators have been getting during the rule making process, Ohio did get this right,” Dr. Cachat explained. “By placing the analytic testing in the hands of public institutes, Ohio has opened the door for significant life-saving medical breakthroughs, deeply needed workforce development opportunities and eliminated the risks of lab-shopping.” Apparently, ‘lab shopping’ is a substantial problem in mature legal cannabis markets with privately-owned labs wherein cultivators or producers will select the lab that tests their products based on a pre-determined, desired result. Want to boost up your flowers THC levels, go to Lab X – they always over estimate; afraid that you have a minor powdery mildew problem, get tested at Lab Y who never fails anyone for fungal diseases. “There is still concern about loss of federal funding. However, as a public Ohio college, we feel empowered to support the state and Ohio patients with quality and safety assurance, and obligated to provide education and workforce development opportunities,” stated an unnamed college representative. “We are waiting until Sept 5 to formally announce our involvement, to assure support from our community and develop an application that has a high probability of success. We are also aware of a potential capacity problems and are reviewing ways to increase testing capacity by means of satellite lab facilities located across the state in cooperation with other Ohio public institutes of higher education allowed by the law.” Any members of the press that would like to be invited to the Sept 5 Press Conference are to send a request to the media contact below. ABOUT CCV RESEARCH CCV Research is an innovative development & management group specializing in the cannabis industry with expertise in the entire cannabis supply chain, and regarding state and local regulation creation and deployment. Founded by Dr. Jonathan Cachat, recognized as one of the brightest mind in the cannabis industry, the CCV Research Team bring investment, merger / acquisition, business processes for compliance including ISO 9000 and ISO 17025, and business startup expertise. Media Contact John M. Cachat 440-941-2721
  4. Fred and Paul go for a drive and give a quick update of what's coming on the next series of episodes!
  5. I missed that - thanks for letting me know! Yeah, I feel like this has so much inertia behind it but at the same time (from an outsider's perspective) it's moving so slowly.
  6. Join us for a FREE event August 24th, in Columbus! Healing with CBD & Medical Marijuana Hosted by the Ohio Cannabis Institute! 10:00 am - 12:30 pm Crown Plaza Dublin 600 Metro Place North Dublin, Ohio 43017 Medical Marijuana has come to Ohio. What do you know about it? Join fellow Doctors and Clinical Professionals as we discuss the latest in medical healing breakthroughs. What is happening in the cannabis space is being noticed by almost everyone. Everywhere we look in the media, there is curiosity about the value of cannabis....especially CBD, the most powerful healing component of the marijuana plant free of the psychotropic Tetrohydrocannabinol component that gets one high. This seminar will be sharing the value of CBD and also the incredible financial tsunami that is unfolding everywhere right before our eyes. The clues are everywhere we look if we are aware of what's happening in the area of the benefits of this plant and the economic potential for us all to profit in this space. "We would like to invite you to this limited seating event." - Sir Alan Mooney as seen on HBO Vice, Time Magazine, Aljazeera, and around the world on medical marijuana news. Come and listen to our lineup of world renown speakers and learn how you can participate in this space for far less than the millions that investors are spending currently.
  7. Amid excitement, confusion and now delay, the Ohio Medical Marijuana Program, Ohio HB 523, has possibly been pushed back beyond it's supposed "legal" start date of September 2018. Last week, the Ohio Dept. of Commerce released a new deadline for cultivation licenses to be announced - now they say "by November 2017". According to both Justin Hunt, the COO of the Ohio Medical Marijuana Program and Kerry Francis, the spokeswoman for the Commerce Department, said the department received 185 applications that were 200 pages long. They mentioned this number of applications flooded the department staff and they never gave a firm date of when they would be awarded. Based on other states approval process across the US, many had originally thought it was only going to take 90 days and should have been awarded in September of 2017. Now doubts arise if construction and facilities can even be built and operational by that date with a shortened window of approval, leaving only 9 short months. Some cultivating businesses may have to start from the ground up, building a physical facility, acquiring local zoning permits and passing inspections, before they can even begin growing pot. Others have an easier path by utilizing existing facilities. Tom Haren, a Westlake attorney who advised cultivator applicants, said applicants building multi-million dollar indoor growing facilities on vacant land won't likely get much accomplished during Ohio's winter months, he also mentioned that no one is going to start building without a license in hand. "These large-scale cultivation entities are sophisticated operations," Haren said. "There are a lot of moving parts and they're very expensive." After the plant is harvested, it will have to be tested at a state testing lab or sent to a processor to be turned into an oil or other product and then tested before it can be sold. Ohio law limits testing to public institutions of higher education for the first year. Hunt did say that if no schools step up that they will move forward with private labs to keep the program on track & operational by September 2018. As of this writing, Dr. Jonathan Cachat of CCV Research has come to an agreement with an Ohio school to commence lab testing. The name of the school has not been released at this time. The commerce department is currently reviewing cultivator applications through a panel of state employees in and outside of the department, a department spokeswoman said. Hunt declined Thursday to give details about the scoring panel. The department has also contracted with three consulting firms to advise on specific parts of the applications: Meade & Wing of Arizona, iCann Consulting of Ohio and B&B Grow Solutions of Illinois. The Commerce Department did say they could also award them any time before November, so it may come as a surprise to many when they are in fact awarded & announced prior to the new deadline.
  8. TOLDEO BLADE - A Cleveland-based company that has applied for a state license to grow medical marijuana won approval Thursday from the Toledo Plan Commission to build a 60,000-square-foot cultivation warehouse near Alexis Road and Suder Avenue. Les Hollis, a consultant for Lake Erie Compassion Care, said the proposed facility would employ as many as 60 people, generating a $2.5 to $3 million annual payroll. It would be capable of producing up to $25 million to $30 million of wholesale medical marijuana a year, he said. Compassion Care is among 185 firms competing for two dozen cultivation licenses, according an applicant list provided by the Ohio Department of Commerce. Licenses for growers are now expected to be announced in November, which has been delayed from September. The project does not need zoning approval because the 27-acre parcel is zoned for industrial use, the zoning classification permitted for medical-marijuana grow operations. Mr. Hollis said the facility would be equipped with security cameras to provide 24-hour surveillance of the warehouse and adjacent land and staffed with a security workforce. The site of the proposed warehouse is at vacant land at Jason Street and Cassandra Drive.
  9. Paul discusses the latest prices around the country . Contact Paul at:
  10. Ohio College commits to participation in Cannabis Test Laboratory Eliminates the need for any changes to the Ohio Medical Marijuana legal framework Cleveland, Ohio Aug 4, 2017 - CCV Research announced today that it has received a letter of intent from an Ohio public institution of higher education and received confirmation from the Governor’s office that the college qualifies for operating a medical cannabis testing laboratory. At this time, the college name is not being disclosed. In September 2016, the Ohio legislature passed HB523 created a legal framework for the medical cannabis industry and safe access for Ohioans who stand to benefit from therapeutic use. The Testing laboratories serve as the critical component of the cannabis supply chain, ensuring safety & quality control by testing cannabis products before they are sold to patients. “We had a difficult time even finding qualified colleges willing to engage in the conversation” stated Dr. Jonathan Cachat, PhD, CEO of CCV Research. “However, we found a unique, entrepreneurial team that recognized the opportunity to provide education with hands on lab experience, create local jobs, and support a functioning medical cannabis system in Ohio.” Both advocacy groups and regulators have expressed concern over Ohio’s requirement for association with “public institutes of higher education” as most universities receive research money from federal sources. Rather than put this funding at risk, several colleges have opted out from participation in the state-sanctioned system. “The Ohio legislators did a great job in getting colleges involved to assure an unbiased and controlled approach to testing medical cannabis. Other unregulated states have seen “lab shopping” where cannabis product is being taken to whatever test lab gives the best results,” said Dr. Cachat. “We are very pleased to provide, the State of Ohio, a solution that eliminates the risk of delaying the Ohio Medical Marijuana Program launch by Sept 2018.” Dr. Cachat has a PhD in Neuroscience and Psychopharmacology from Tulane University, and started his undergraduate studies at Denison University in Granville, Ohio. He is the author of two books on how zebrafish offer an opportunity to perform steadfast scientific investigations in a robust and high-throughput manner for behavioral neuroscience research, specifically the impact of drugs on the human brain and body. This breakthrough research methodology provided drug discovery efforts with a more cost effective and efficient way to do investigational pharmacology research by replacing mammals with zebrafish. “Dr. Cachat’s research in the psychopharmacology space; along with years of experience managing a DEA-licensed laboratory, handling and investigating Controlled Substance Act Schedule 1-4 drugs, on a college campus, with student technicians, made the conversations a little easier. In addition, the CCV Research team has decades of experience, in starting and running labs, that can be accredited to the ISO 17025 General Requirements for The Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories standard, which is required by state law,” stated an unnamed source from the College. By the year 2020, assuming full legalization, lab testing revenues could approximate $550 million (based upon U.S. marijuana retail revenues forecast) Source. Investors are interested because Cannabis testing labs are highly scalable with opportunity for significant margin expansion and operating leverage can translate to attractive free cash flow yields with recurring revenue streams. “We are not surprised about the interest by investors,” stated Dr. Cachat, “as the business model is easier to explain when compared to other cannabis investment opportunities. A test lab is more like a manufacturing process which is very well understood by the investment community.” The CCV Ohio Cannabis Test Laboratory Project is fast paced, as it is critical for launch of the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program by Sep 2018; which is just over one year away. Ohio law requires the Ohio Department of Commerce to adopt testing laboratory rules by Sep 8, 2017, or a month from now. The medical testing application was released on July 26, 2017 and applications are due by Sep 22, 2017. “We want the lab to be operational well in advance of the Sep 2018 deadline so that we can work with cultivators and processors in advance of providing medicinal cannabis to patients,” explained Dr. Cachat. “Dr. Cachat is certainly one of the most knowledgeable neuroscientist on cannabis in the world. He was born in Avon, Ohio, and we are fortunate to have him bring his world class abilities on medical cannabis back to Ohio,” stated Sir Alan Mooney, from Mooney Financial in Worthington Ohio. Mooney Financial is participating with CCV Research in this exciting medical cannabis lab project. A press conference announcing the name of the college will be scheduled soon. ABOUT CCV RESEARCH CCV Research is an innovative development & management group specializing in the cannabis industry with expertise in the entire cannabis supply chain, and on state and local regulation creation and deployment. Founded by Dr. Jonathan Cachat, recognized as one of the brightest mind in the cannabis industry, the CCV Research Team bring investment, merger / acquisition, business processes for compliance including ISO 9000 and ISO 17025, and business startup expertise. Media Contact John M. Cachat 440-941-2721
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  12. Great news Rianne. I enjoyed reading it. نویا سیستم
  13. Paul discusses the latest prices around the country . Contact Paul at:
  14. Paul discusses the latest prices around the country . Contact Paul at:
  15. Paul discusses the latest prices around the country .
  16. Paul discusses the latest cannabis prices in Ohio and beyond.
  17. Join Paul as he discusses the latest dispensary prices in that State Up North.
  18. The Commerce Dept. has said they will open up testing to private labs if no universities step up. So hopefully one way or another we will have this problem taken care of.
  19. Thanks for the update! I'm hoping more universities step forward to lessen any risk of delay.
  20. You are correct, at this time only 1 college has stepped forward to be a part of the Ohio Medical Marijuana program. They have not released the name because of NDA's but that will be coming out in a few weeks. Once it is known we will post it here!
  21. I was reading an article this morning about how an unnamed Ohio college has volunteered to quality test marijuana. Since the name of the college has not been released, I'm assuming that information is scarce, but does anyone know if it's just the one college that has volunteered so far? I know that there is concern that a shortage of cooperating laboratories could delay the whole program.
  22. Make Your Voice Heard Regarding Ohio Medical Marijuana House Bill 523! We at stand STRONGLY with our new partner - The Ohio Cannabis Institute and have formed a NEW voice for all Ohioans to help make change happen NOW! Visit to have your voice heard & PLEASE share this video and message with everyone you know to help get this movement off the ground!
  23. If you live in this state, having a vehicle and the ability to drive said vehicle is a necessity for those living rural. Medical or not a DUI is just that and with cannabis remaining detectable for up to 30 days in your blood are there any provisions for those that test positive?
  24. Sir Alan and Fred discuss the medical marijuana landscape in Ohio and leave you with a big surprise!
  25. Sir Alan and Fred talk about the economic impact of Ohio's Medical Marijuana Program on Ohio Farmers.
  26. Yes, tie them! Also would love to see what your working with and know what the strain is..
  27. Hey Doc, so it's a few days after supercropping and my strongest plant has had had significant growth after the spot I supercropped at. It's beginning to grow back up towards the lights though. Should I begin to tie it down and sort of guide that growth around the perimeter of the pot?
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