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Michael Jacobs


So, you’ve decided to try marijuana for the first time. Even better, you’ve decided to vaporize it. Smoking cannabis is the most popular way to consume it, but by vaping your cannabis you are getting more of those wanted cannabinoids. To ensure that you have the best experience possible, we’ve prepared a few tips. Follow these and you’ll have a better experience for your first time.

  1. Where Do You Get Your Marijuana?

If you live in Washington, Alaska, Oregon, Colorado, California, Nevada, Massachusetts, or Maine and you are 21 years of age, you can go to your local marijuana dispensary and buy it. Non-residents can travel to these states, but there are laws governing the amount that can be purchased. If you live in a medical marijuana state, as long as you have your medical marijuana card, you can purchase it at a medical dispensary.  Remember, purchasing it is still illegal if you don’t live in one of these states.

2. Create A Comfortable Space

You definitely don’t want to be on edge when you’re smoking up for the first time. Constantly being worried about getting caught will just bring you down. So, go somewhere you’re comfortable. Bring some music – either an iPod, MP3 player, or other means of playing music. You might also want to bring a friend or two. It’s better if they’re veterans and not also noobs. Make sure you’re not going to be disturbed for a bit.

3. Plan Your Vaping Sessions Around Mealtime

The munchies are real. When you smoke or vape marijuana, you will probably start to feel hungry. What’s bad about this is that you tend to crave the worst foods possible during a smoke session – chips, candy, sweets, and fast food. For this reason, planning your first-time vape session around a mealtime can ensure that your munchies are taken care of by a meal. Preferably a balanced one with healthy ingredients and not fast food.   

4. Smoking or Edibles For the First Time

Honestly, it is recommended that you smoke or vape your weed the first time.  Eating a cannabis infused brownie takes time before the effects set in. Edibles also have a significantly stronger effect than smoked or vaporized marijuana. If you do decide to eat an edible, give it time to kick in before chowing down on that other brownie because you don’t feel anything. We recommend waiting at least an hour.

If you decide to vape, make sure that you have the appropriate vaporizer for your chosen cannabis – vape pens and mods are typically made specifically for dry herbs, oils, or concentrates. Make sure that you’re using the correct tank/cartridge if you’ve purchased a vape that is a 3-in-1 model.   

5. Cannabis Strain Recommendations

Depending on what you want to feel, your cannabis strain selection might vary. If you want the cerebral high that offers a boost to creativity – choose a sativa. If you prefer the body high and want to feel relaxed and possibly sleepy – choose an indica. If you want a balanced high – choose a hybrid of the two. Talk to the employees at the dispensary and tell them what kind of high you want. They should be able to point out a good strain for you.

6. Dosing

If it is your very first time, take one or two puffs. This is all that it should take for a first timer to feel the effects of marijuana. If you do not feel anything – give it about 20 minutes. If you are still not feeling anything – take another puff or two.  

7. Vaporizing Temperatures for Cannabis

The ideal temperature for vaporizing your marijuana is 175 – 200°C (347 – 392°F). Lower temperatures release fewer cannabinoids and are ideal for those who want a more awake high. Go much higher than 400 degrees and you risk combusting your cannabinoids – meaning you won’t get them.   

8. How Long Will The High Last?

You can expect your high to last between 2 to 4 hours. Edibles will produce a longer lasting high that might be more intense. Differing strains will also affect the length of your high. Because it can be unpredictable, make sure that you don’t have anywhere you have to be.

9. What Should You Expect to Feel The First Time?

Your mouth will get dry. You will feel hungry. Time perception alters – you may feel that time is passing more slowly. Also, this will also depend greatly on which strain you’ve chosen - discussed above – and your overall mood when you smoke. The amount you smoke will also affect this.

10. Do Not Smoke In Public Places

Even if you live in a legalized recreational state, there are still laws against smoking in public places. So, for this reason, make sure that you are at a private residence for your first smoke session.

There they are. Our ten tips for first-time marijuana smokers – or vapers. From where to get it to how much to smoke to the best vaping temperature, we hope to have answered some of your questions about your first time. Now just sit back and enjoy the feeling!



Michael is a marketing and creative content specialist at with primary focus on customer satisfaction. Technology and fitness combined healthy lifestyle obsession are his main talking points.



What is a Vaporizer?


What is a vaporizer you may ask?  Great question, lets find out & getvaped.png

Ohio's HB 523 specifically states that any medical marijuana plant/flower material must either be consumed via ingestion or through a vaporizer.

A vaporizer is a device used to release the active ingredients of plant material or to release the therapeutic compounds. A healthier alternative to smoking, vaporizers heat the material at a much lower temperature (when compared to smoking) so that the active compounds contained in the plant material produce an aromatic vapor (instead of smoke). Rather than burning the plant material, which can produce numerous harmful by-products, this vapor contains virtually zero particulate matter and significantly reduced noxious gases. By avoiding combustion (smoke), the user is able to achieve the same desired effects without the harmful side-effects of smoking.

Here is a video by the great folds over at on how to consume your medical cannabis:


Styles of Vaporizers

Desktop Forced Air:

  • Built in fan that pushes out air
  • Fills balloons or whips with vapor
  • Can do plant/flower material, waxes & oils

Here are a couple of examples of "forced air" vaporizers, the Airzer ExtremeQ pictured on the left & the Volcano pictured on the right.




  • Rapid heat up time of 5 to 15 seconds
  • Usually shaped like a pen or small enough to discretely fit in the palm of your hand and easily in your pocket for portability
  • Can do plant/flower material, waxes & oils

Here are a couple of examples of "portable" vaporizers, the DaVinci Ascent pictured on the left & the Pax 2 pictured on the right.



Materials Being Vaped

Dry Herb:

  • Dried & cured plant material
  • Beneficial properties released when vaporized


Waxy Concentrates:

  • Extracted from dry herb
  • Extraction methods include CO2, butane, or high-proof alcohol



E-juice / E-liquid

  • Liquid used in electronic cigarettes
  • Concentrated flavoring that may include nicotine


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